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When you’re new in a city, it’s hard to find someone who you can get along with immediately. But as time goes by, you will slowly feel at home and start making new relationships.

The same thing happens when you’re trying to find the best hairdressers. The moment you go into a salon, you have no idea if the hairdresser assigned to you is going to be good or not. However, even if you’re eager to start a connection with the hairstylist, you don’t have to compromise your hair for it.

To spot a good and stylish hairdresser, here are a few things you need to look for.

  1. Pleasing personality

The first thing you need to look for is if the hairdresser has a pleasing personality. You will actually notice this the moment you set eyes on the hairdresser. Look for someone who exhibits kindness and friendliness because you want this kind of energy to manifest when they style your hair. Don’t settle for someone who is grumpy and snobbish because you won’t be able to make a connection with them as easily as you think.

Better yet, trust your gut when you meet a hair stylist for the first time. If your gut tells you that you will get along with him or her, then you can take a chance.

2. Good listener

Imagine explaining the hairstyle you want and then in mid-sentence, the hair stylist cuts you off. It’s rude, isn’t it? But more than the courtesy they were not able to give, what is bothersome is that you could feel that they are not willing to listen to you. In some cases, you might feel that they are a know-it-all for them to already guess what you want for your hair.

3. Gets to know you

Even if you have a good idea of what you want with your hair, there are instances when this hair style will not look good on you. This is when you have to check if the hair stylist knows how to pick the right style for you.

If you’ve been to the high-end salons in Australia or the UK, you will notice that most, if not all stylists, make it a point to get to know their client. Having a better idea of the client’s lifestyle and daily activities will give the hair stylist a clue of what will suit them most. Sometimes, it’s not just about following what the latter needs, it’s also explaining to them the best options to go with their lifestyle and personality.

4. Knowledgeable with trends and styles

Of course, you have to look for someone who knows all the hair trends and the styles. Just because your hair stylist is friendly, does not mean that they are also good. So if you’re new to a salon, try to ask if the hairstylist has a portfolio of the styles they’ve made. In this way, you get a glimpse of how they work and the depth of their knowledge when it comes to different cuts and techniques.

Moreover, if a stylist suggests a new look for you, do not automatically feel that they are interfering. For all you know, they have a better idea of what will be a nightmare or a crown on your head. If you are curious about why they make such a suggestion, do not hesitate to ask them. Those who are really good hairstylists will not hesitate to explain to you.

5. Expert in your look

Another thing you have to look for is their expertise in the style you want. Let’s say, you already know what looks good on you. After years of researching on the hairstyle that fits you, you finally know which styles look good and which do not.

So what you should look for is someone who knows the hairstyle you want. You can ask them about their experience in doing those hairstyles so that you have an idea of their level of expertise in it.

6. Eager to make you look good

And finally, look for someone who is eager to make you look good. At the end of the day, this willingness and determination will create a strong relationship with you because it’s as if they will make it their life’s mission to give you the hairstyle that will give you confidence. A hairdresser that understands this is a hairdresser worth keeping.


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