Easy steps to get rid of gnats

Among other pesky pests, gnats are among the annoying insects tenants and homeowners face. Gnats are two-winged flying creatures that resemble mosquitoes, which are small in size but can drive you nuts at times. Gnats can cause harm to kids, house plants, kitchen wares and home pets, as they feed on plants, other insects and blood. They carry many parasites and spread many diseases in humans and livestock.

Furthermore, gnats are little and nasty that commonly found on moisture surface. Although they do not bite, they are an annoyance to many people. Since gnats like to lay eggs in moist dirt, have sufficient drainage for the house plan. A mixture of red wine and water is very effective against gnats in the dining room. In the bathroom where vinegar cannot be used, pour bleach into drains and sink will help dry and kill off gnats’ eggs. However, to properly get rid of gnats permanently, consult your local pest control operator near you.

Use a honey trap

Bright colours and sugary smell attracts insects towards them. A homemade gnat trap helps prevent frequent occurrence of these creepy creatures. Cut a few pieces of yellow plastic and apply honey on it to make it make the fungus gnats stick to it. Place them in or near the house plants where the gnats live to catch these annoying flies.

Apple cider vinegar

The aroma of apple cider vinegar attracts fruits flies towards it. You can simply put apple cider vinegar in a bowl at places where gnats congregate.  Gnats are fascinated with vinegar. You can also use a mason jar and fill it ¼ with vinegar. Place a funnel on top of it to serve as an entry point for the gnats to enter, but not exit.


Cinnamon is known for controlling the larvae form of gnats. The powdered form of cinnamon is a natural fungicide. It helps destroy the fungus on which larvae feed and thus control the growth of fungus gnats. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on the plantation area and watch out the results. Repeat this remedy every week until the problem resolves.

Baking Soda

Uses of baking soda are large is also a very effective means when curbing gnats infestation. Have you ever thought of using it as a gnat repellent? Yes, you can make it at home. Take four teaspoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of washing up liquid and one gallon of water. Mix it properly then spray on affected earth for the best results.

In addition mash rotten bananas and place them in a bowl and cover them with cling film. Poke  some holes in the surrounding wrap and the gnats will get trapped inside. To prevent gnats in the first place, you have to do the basic like covering your food properly with lid and always keep all fresh fruits in the refrigerator and dispose of rotten fruit  immediately.

Overwatering of plants should be avoided. One of these methods can help you get rid of gnats quickly and efficiently.

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