The 5 best places to eat in Marrakech

Snack twarfat

Marrakech is not only home to beautiful scenery but also delicious and cheap food in colourful markets.  Today we explore the top 5 best places to eat in the beautiful city:

  1. Snack Tafrsiwant

You can find this hotel at the edge of the roundabout of a renovated mellah spice market in Marrakech’s oldest Jewish quarter. The derelict plastic tables and chairs of this stride stall spread out across the sidewalk, while across the road you can find the famous el Kamel mosque.

Here you can experience the best berber cooking because the chef keeps them moist by sprinkling water drops every so often as if he is watering the plants. Pungent sardines and kofte skewers grill on burning charcoal and pots of beans and lentils bubble away. The speciality of Marrakech is  tangia – lamb slow cooked for hours in an earthenware pot with saffron, garlic and preserved lemon, eaten with just a traditional flatbread instead of rice or potatoes.

  1. Limoni

In the quiet neighbourhood of Bab Taghzout, this beguiling Italian restaurant is a genuine find, popular with locals and expats looking for cucina all’italiana alongside a modern, light interpretation of Moroccan cooking, in addition to a decent decision of veggie lover dishes.

Adriano Pirani, an artist from Bologna, revamped this lovely riad as an eatery rather than hotel, and the tiled courtyard of fountains, mosaics and lemon trees is ideal for a sentimental in the open air supper, Chef Valerio Arciona has clearly been influenced by local flavors so do try his tangy carrot dish with ginger, ground almonds and lemon zest, an exemplary fish spaghetti utilising full neighbourhood molluscs or, for the fearless, a delicious camel burger with orange-spiced onions.

  1. Earth Café

Trust us… you cannot miss this Earth Café’s mammoth signpost in the loud metalworkers’ souk pointing veggie aficionados down a path to its funky psychedelic diner. Followers of the farm-to-table zero carbon-footprint philosophy, the cafe menu offers only vegetarian or vegan dishes, arranged in an open kitchen at the passageway.

There’s a unique interpretation of customary pastilla, with filo baked good loaded up with pumpkin, spinach and goat’s cheddar, while hand crafted vermicelli noodles are finished with seasonal vegetables, garlic coconut, soy sauce and new herbs.

Cooking classes are run by chef-founder Barakat Naim and there is an organic food and beauty shop selling everything from Moroccan argan oil for the kitchen to ghassoul, mineral clay for body scrubs. Main dishes starts from $7.20.

  1. Café Le Studio

There have been lines outside the Yves Saint Laurent gallery since the day it opened in August 2017 and turned into a instant Marrakech must-see, nearby the extraordinary patio nurseries of the bordering Jardin Majorelle. There are not many eating-out alternatives in this private neighbourhood but the museum has opened an organic cafe inspired by the fashion designer’s Paris workspace.

The interior is decorated with Saint Laurent’s sketches, while outside splendid yellow tables watch out on a cool blue pool. This being YSL-motivated, the costs are on the high side however natural fixings are utilised and an incredible couscous (meat, chicken or vegan) is prepared. Main dishes starts from $11.

  1. Le Petit Cornichon

Marrakech’s previous French provincial quarter of Guéliz is an alternate world from the connecting medieval medina, but while many of the restaurants here are up market, another location opened a year ago proposing a “bistronomique” bargain lunch menu. Here, you can taste energising understandings of gourmet French cooking from a capable youthful Moroccan culinary specialist, Manaf El Bloul, utilising neighbourhood items, herbs and flavors. At noon, an ever-changing menu offers dishes such as line-fished John Dory with flame broiled red peppers and courgettes, split pea soup with smoked sardines, meat carpaccio with cabbage and sesame, great fish tatami with quinoa or ombrina ceviche marinated in matcha tea with orange. Costs are higher around evening time and reservations are advisable. The lunch of two can be enjoyed at around $15.

Staying in hotel is hell of a task when you visit there for the first time. I recommend doing your research thoroughly before going to Marrakech. If you want to know about trips, check out some fabulous deals at this link: Marrakech to Fes desert tour price.




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