Six popular products you might not know are vegan-friendly

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If you’ve recently decided to take up a vegan lifestyle, finding products you can still use can be a
challenge. While a vegan veteran friend of yours might be able to impart a few pearls of wisdom,
you could still be surprised to find how many of your favourite products pass the vegan test.

As animal products could still slip into recipes when they are revised, we urge you to inspect
ingredients lists carefully. To the best of our knowledge, though, the following products are, at the
time of writing, vegan-friendly…

Cadbury Bournville

If you prefer dark chocolate to the more traditional milk variety, you probably often reach for a
Bournville bar rather than the brand’s Dairy Milk offering. Fortunately, Bournville is vegan-friendly
because it is dairy-free, GoodtoKnow points out.

Ritz crackers

You wouldn’t be crackers to rummage around in a box of these sweet treats – as, contrary to what you might have assumed, their lovely taste isn’t attributable to butter.

Ritz crackers actually contain vegetable oil in place of butter, making them what Showbiz Cheat
Sheet calls an “accidentally vegan” snack. You could strengthen its vegan-friendliness by eating it
with soy cheese or a sans-dairy dip.

Unfrosted Pop Tarts

New vegans who have long been partial to the Kelloggs-produced toaster pastries known as Pop
Tarts will be delighted to learn that they count as vegan-friendly… or, should we say, the unfrosted
versions do. That means the blueberry, strawberry and brown sugar-cinnamon varieties.

Therefore, you’ll have to rule out snacking on maple-bacon Pop Tarts – but, reassuringly, you should
see the word ‘Unfrosted’; large and clear on the boxes of the vegan-friendly Pop Tarts.

Asda create-your-own pizza

It’s easy to miss pizza once you’ve switched to veganism – but, perhaps surprisingly, you can still get suitable pizza, provided you are careful what ingredients you choose for it.

Thankfully, at counters in Asda stores, you can afford to be so careful, as you can assemble your own
pizza by adding veggie toppings to a vegan-friendly base and leaving out the cheese.

Nature Valley crunchy granola bars

When you need to rush out of your home early in the morning for work, you can still meet your
breakfast needs by grabbing a cereal bar – and Nature Valley’s crunchy granola bars are a great
source of whole grain you might otherwise usually get from cereal in a bowl.

While not all of these particular bars are vegan, the Apple Crisp, Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar,
Peanut Butter, Pecan Crunch and Roasted Almond versions do fit the bill.

CBD oil

The vegan credentials of CBD oil are admittedly something of a grey area. CBD,
otherwise known as cannabidiol, has been credited as beneficial for people with acne, cancer,
chronic pain, depression and anxiety – and you can take CBD oil in the form of drops.

Cosmopolitan advocates CBD oil where pesticides have not interfered with the hemp plant from
which it is made. Fortunately, VSAVI stocks CBD oil verified as vegan-friendly.


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