Fancy your own celebrity at home?

They say that celebrities are not born but rather made. Stars are people who often appear on the screen of our TV, the ones we read about in the newspapers, and whom we follow on social networks.

These people impress, inspire, and motivate people the most because they’re talented or fabulous at sports. Sometimes they’re just ordinary people who have landed a spot on a reality show. 

Celebrities are also known to be trendsetters. Some people imitate their idols, wear the same kind of clothes, or act as they do. People feel so close to them as if they are their friends. There are even fans who give them God-like stature and put them on pedestals? — literally, build them statues and put them into museums so people can admire and take pictures with the waxworks. People who can afford such things go to the extent of buying these life-sized statues and bring them home.

It’s not a problem for moneybags because
they have the wealth and space to put the statues. But for an ordinary fan,
they can settle for other alternatives to take with them. Fortunately,
different statue figures are sold to the market with a smaller size. Below are
some other options for statues people often buy.

Celebrity idol Bobbleheads

One of the most common alternatives of
statues is celebrity bobbleheads. The reason for their popularity is that they
are so convenient that people can place them anywhere—on top of cabinets, car
dashboards, office desks, and many more. Fans feel a special bond with their
idols when they have a mini version of their favorites they can take with them.
A lot of people also collect these products and their main reason for it is
that it makes them happy.

Bobblehead dolls shake and make movements
that set them apart from any other statues. Some popular celebrity bobbleheads
that are in demand today are Johnny Depp, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Angelina
Jolie, and Emma Watson, but the most famous and rarest celebrity bobblehead
ever created was “The Beatles bobblehead set. “

While most of the officially released
bobbleheads are expensive, there are plenty of bobblehead makers online that
offer cheaply customized bobbleheads. With a bobblehead
, you can have the personalized bobblehead of your idol.

Celebrity fashion dolls

Charlie Chaplin and child star Shirley
Temple were the first big celebrities made into successful lines of dolls were.
Just like bobbleheads, they’re dolls that you can move. People buy celebrity
dolls because they are a lot of fun. You can dress them with beautiful outfits
and cool accessories.

It is within the realms of the collectors
that the celebrity doll is genuinely appreciated. With almost never-ending toys
to collect, a lot of dolls will even come in special editions with new outfits
or accessories, making them must-have items for the eager collectors. The
best-selling celebrity dolls ever sold was in 1997, “The Spice Girls dolls”. It
skyrocketed to the number-one position with more than eleven million of the
figures sold.

Celebrity action figures

The first action figure ever made was in
1964. Hasbro created and purposely made it to market G.I. Joe to boys. While it
was commonly marketed as a child’s toy, the action figure has gained widespread
acceptance as a collector item for adults. In which, the action figure may be
produced and designed on the assumption that it will be bought solely as a
collectible for display and not played by a child. Some action figures
collector wants are The Black Lotus, Attack Armor Batman, Scratch the Cat, and
Attack Armor Batman, to name a few.

Celebrity figurines

Figurines are also known as a statuette. It
is a miniature statue that represents a human or animal in a pair or small
group. These figures have been made in various materials, with metal, glass,
clay, wood, and today plastic or resin the most significant.

Figurines are often used as board game
pieces like in chess, Jumanji and, dungeons and dragons, but now you can buy a
figurine that looks like your favorite celebrity. They vary in different sizes
and styles. There are figurines that only show the celebrity’s head and can be
sold in set (for bands, groups and etc.). Celebrity figurines are not as
expensive as the previous dolls mentioned and are only sold at an affordable
price. They can be collectibles too, but not the kind you invest your money on.

Stuffed toys

Cartoon characters are also considered to be celebrities because they’re iconic and famous even if they’re just drawings. These celebrities are commonly sold as stuffed toys or Cuddly Toys. They can be used as comfort objects, display or collecting. They’re also given as gifts, such as graduation, illness, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays. They are not only gifted to children but can be given to anybody. Some iconic cartoon characters of all time are already in the forms of stuffed toys like Tom & Jerry, Scooby, Betty Boop, Spongebob, and many more.

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