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Wellness for Your Body and Wallet: How to Have Health Insurance That Benefits Both

health insurance

Begin by finding a fund that suits your lifestyle. Health insurers are now recognising that all round health can be nurtured in a variety of ways. So if natural or alternative therapies play a large part in your life, seek out a fund with a broader range of extras cover to match your healthcare preferences. […]


£144m wasted each year on replacing forgotten holiday items

forgotten holiday items

British holidaymakers waste an eye-watering £144 million on replacing items they forgot to pack when heading abroad. The survey, conducted by, found that 53% of sunseekers have misplaced a huge item when they headed on holiday, with the most common item being items of clothing (20%). Losing sunglasses and glasses was the second most-common […]


How Much Do Weddings Actually Cost?


One may miss the good old days when weddings were easy, simple and cheap. They were romantic in a way; the wedding was organized in somebody’s basement or in a church. the reception was held at home. food and drinks were simple. and everyone had a great time no matter what. Today, a great wedding […]


4 Tips to Look Flawless in Athleisure

You’ve seen them at the mall, at your favorite coffee shops, you’ve definitely seen them at the gym and pretty much everywhere else – we’re talking about strappy sporty bra-like tops, yoga pants, figure-hugging hoodies and matching trendy sneakers. In one word: athleisure. In the past few, athleisure apparel has been taking over the stores, […]