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Six pieces of furniture you should keep

With the amount of flat-pack and cheap furniture around it can be tempting to just throw it away and start again when you move home or simply replace it when it breaks. Investing in long-lasting furniture might seem like a waste of money but there are classic items which – if you buy the right […]


Six fitness tips for busy women pressed for time


Losing weight or just trying to stay at the right weight? Women sometimes take shortcuts to try to get the right results. That’s not sensible but in the type of culture we live in where instant gratification is the order of the day, it is difficult to resist.  If you’re newer to fitness but want […]


Healthy kids are happy kids


In today’s world, everyone has opinions of how to do almost everything, it can be overwhelming; especially for a single parent. Struggling through the trials and tribulations of being a single parent to a teenager, it seems like depending on where you turn, you’re either doing a fantastic job or your child is utterly doomed. […]


The celebs most wanted to be brought back from the dead are….

princess diana

Princess Diana is the famous figure Brits would most like to bring back, according to a survey. The beloved ‘People’s Princess’ was chosen by a quarter of the population, who want her to return so she can enjoy her grandchildren and continue her charitable work. Her life was tragically cut short on 31st August 1997 […]