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How Much Do Weddings Actually Cost?


One may miss the good old days when weddings were easy, simple and cheap. They were romantic in a way; the wedding was organized in somebody’s basement or in a church. the reception was held at home. food and drinks were simple. and everyone had a great time no matter what. Today, a great wedding […]


4 Tips to Look Flawless in Athleisure

You’ve seen them at the mall, at your favorite coffee shops, you’ve definitely seen them at the gym and pretty much everywhere else – we’re talking about strappy sporty bra-like tops, yoga pants, figure-hugging hoodies and matching trendy sneakers. In one word: athleisure. In the past few, athleisure apparel has been taking over the stores, […]


How using wedding planners can de-stress and prevent strain on your big day

How using wedding planners can de-stress and prevent strain on your big day.

The happiness that partners the whirlwind of getting engaged can soon diminish after the engagement party has passed and it’s time to get down to planning your big day. When you and your partner are both working the prospect of planning a wedding from start to finish, you can soon begin to feel like you […]


The Best, Most Beautiful Casino Destinations

Discover the Most Wonderful Casino Destinations Worldwide

It has become easier than ever to travel to some of the most far-flung, beautiful destinations on earth, and if you enjoy real money casino games as well as voyaging far and wide, then a trip to a city that is home to a top place to play may be just what the doctor ordered. […]