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COVID-19 has helped more than half of Brits be environmentally conscious


Empty streets during lockdown have made more than half of Brits reconnect with the environment. UK traffic fell by almost 75 per cent in April, reaching levels not seen since 1955, while UK carbon emissions fell by 31 per cent. The number of vehicles back on the road is now approaching pre-Covid levels, but the […]


Brits spend staggering £1 million on bills in a lifetime

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The average adult will cough up nearly £1million on bills over their lifetime – and now spends more on tech than they do on utilities, a study has found. Research polling 2,000 UK adults found they will personally spend a total of £926,720 on gas, electricity, water, their phone and other bills. An average of […]


Life insurance made easy in 5 simple steps


Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurer, where a designated beneficiary of your choice is paid a sum of money by the insurer upon your death. In return, a stipulated amount known as premiums must be paid by you in lump sums or at regular intervals.  Life insurance is an absolute necessity […]


These things are ruining your garden aesthetic


People pay good money to have a back garden. Is it one of your dreams to have a nice little area that you can make your own? Unfortunately, certain things might exist that damage your garden aesthetic. You might be thinking, surely we can just get rid of them? Well, some issues can’t be gotten […]