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Pensioner urges people to defend their homes with new security device


A PENSIONER has pooled his lifesavings to create a new security device after reliving childhood horrors of a terrifying break-in at home more than half a century ago. Gordon Forrester (69) recalled how as a 10-year-old he cowered behind the front door as someone broke it down and abused his mother. Now, after years of […]


The Best 10 Films on UK Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Films on UK Netflix Right Now

There are no spoilers in this post! Looking to expand your Netflix watch list? We’ve compiled the top 10 films available on UK Netflix right now. Battle Royale Based on a Japanese novel, Battle Royale is not for the faint hearted. In fact, it makes The Hunger Games look like a nursery school outing. The […]


5 Things to Do for a Successful Relationship


We’ve all been there, you’re a year into your relationship and you start wondering ‘are we in a good place?’ and ‘is this relationship healthy?’. Unfortunately, only you can answer that question, but there are some things that successful relationships have in common. 1. Have similar social groups While it’s really important to have your […]


Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Manchester


I was brought up in a small town just outside of Bath. I was surrounded by beautiful country side and the weather was pretty reliable, but I always felt like nothing ever happened! So after I finished University, I had the opportunity to apply for a job in the heart of Manchester. It didn’t take […]