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What are the most popular styles of formal footwear for 2020?


A good pair of formal shoes for women is a great investment if you are starting a corporate career. Formal footwear can go a long way in making you appear more professional, serious and confident. There are so many styles to choose from but with an increased number of options, you are bound to feel […]


What to consider when investing in a new dress

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If the time has come to invest in a new dress, it should be something that you think about carefully. There are lots of ways to ensure you get the dress that’s right for you. Rather than speeding through the process and buying on impulse, read on to find out more about the things to […]


Everything a beginner needs in a makeup kit


Watching the beauty bloggers create that perfect makeup look is tempting enough to make you want to dip your brushes into a riot of colours and palettes. Desperate to learn the art of the perfect cut crease eye shadow or how to create a rosy glow of blush? There is loads to learn but if […]


Statement pieces every stylish wardrobe needs

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Far too many people feel as though their clothes do not properly express their personality, whether this is down to the fact that they don’t have the money to purchase items they really like or simply do not have the confidence to sport something unique and fun. Failing to turn heads when you walk into […]