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How to Create a Look That You Can Wear to Work and to a Night Out


The modern women are currently living the fast-paced life and are sometimes torn between hustling to make money and nurturing relationships and friendship at hand. It’s not easy to balance the work  and personal life as there are times when the schedules of both may overlap against each other and one becomes sacrificed over the […]


Designer Homeware and Appliances

how to decorate your first apartment

There is nothing more fulfilling than a piece of clothing from your favourite designer. Its fabric, cut, and style collide together to create a masterpiece of design and innovation, one that oozes sensuality and desire. It makes you feel empowered and beautiful and having it feels as important as paying your rent. It’s not so […]


How to Wear Pearls Like a Hollywood A-Lister

designer jewellery christmas gift ideas

Pearls have always been a symbol of classic beauty. But over the last few decades, the gemstone had been pegged as a stuffy, maybe even “basic” accessory. For most people, pearls conjure up images of preppy sundresses, elitist dinner parties, and snobby southerners. But no longer. Celebs are giving us all a whole new way […]


What Rings Should You Wear for Different Occasions?

transitional wardrobe pieces

Rings are one of the most underutilized ways of tying together an outfit. They’re subtle, but can be hard to do right – it’s essential to get the right ring for the occasion and to match it with your outfit and any other rings you might be wearing! When buying a ring, especially one made […]