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Lockdown is bringing out confident, bare ladies


Despite social pressures to be perfect, a study has found more than a quarter of respondents have felt comfortable looking eu natural during the current pandemic. And a further 34 per cent have even taken more care of their skin than usual. Of the younger 18-24 demographic, 39 per cent have felt less pressure to […]


How to give yourself a salon-quality manicure in quarantine


Lockdown has set in. Our routines have flipped and our regular selfcare practices like going to the gym, and getting our hair and nails done have halted.  The good news is that we can still keep up with most of our selfcare routines at home, like giving ourselves a top-notch salon quality manicure! Here’s how: […]


Itchy skin conditions and mental health – here’s what you can do about it


Cracked skin, rashes, weeping sores, and endless itching — that’s what people with skin disorders experience daily, sometimes over long stretches of time. An itch that doesn’t go away could drive anyone crazy. To get relief, it is important to identify the problem and find an effective treatment. Why scratching an itch can make it […]


Natural skincare tips for an effortless glow


When you wake up in the morning and gather your focus to face the day, the state of your skin makes an enormous impact on your confidence. Achieving a daily radiance and effortless glow can sometimes feel out of reach, with busy schedules that make it challenging to make time for self-care or even a […]