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How to become a nail technician


Being a nail technician can be a grand profession. Often, you become good friends with your clients whilst being a part of their many special occasions, whether you’re working on a bride’s nails or making them look fabulous for their birthday – you name it. It can also act as your creative escape, carrying out […]


Half of the nation hate their smile


Half the nation believe the state of their teeth has held them back in their working and personal lives. Researchers from Straight Teeth Direct  found a large percentage of the population are so self-conscious about their teeth that it affects them on an almost daily basis. Teeth  came third in a list of the things in life […]


The best travel skincare routine to combat jet lag


Travelling to beautiful destinations is always exciting. Perhaps you’re visiting family you haven’t seen in a while and can’t wait to hug them! Either way, knowing what’s waiting for you at your destination is usually worth the lengthy wait at the airport and those epic hours in the air. While jet lag is never fun, […]


The New Health Mantra for Working Women

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Mundane and hectic lifestyles have shifted people’s focus from their health. Many workers, especially women, are experiencing skin issues, signs of aging and lots of other health-related problems. But is it justified to ignore your health due to work pressures? If all you see when you look in the mirror is wrinkles, it’s time to […]