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Looking and Feeling Young: 4 Facial Skin Care Tips to Transform Your Outer Shell

the ultimate starter makeup kit

Regardless of why you’re here, there’s one thing for sure: you can transform your skin both on the surface and from the inside out in multiple ways. Being your body’s largest organ, the skin is vital to upkeep. That said, let’s find out how you can have the best skin possible, starting with these furious […]


A Complete Skin Care Regimen For Youthful Skin


As you age, your skin will naturally lose its elasticity. This is a fact, albeit a very sad one. Elasticity is important because without it, your skin will start to sag and this creates lines and wrinkles on your face. It’s not only the loss of elasticity that changes. You will also observe dark spots […]


Function and Style Don’t Have to Clash in a Professional Setting

Will Wearing Current Trends Change Your Personal Style?

It’s not rare to see companies going out of their way to alter the clothing worn by their employees in order to make it look more “professional”, or perhaps in a misguided attempt to introduce some extra consistency in the attire worn by their workers. Whatever the underlying reason is, the final result often ends […]


How to Boost Body Confidence This Summer

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

Summer: one of those times you’re struggling find flattering clothes. Long gone are the days of hiding your figure beneath Winter coats — the shorts, skirts and t-shirts are here to stay. …For a couple of months, at least. But that doesn’t mean we all feel totally confident in our new summer ensemble. If you’re […]