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7 basics to help you create a powerful CV

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Often interviewers just scan a CV before deciding whether or not a candidate is right for the position. Their first impression of your CV could be the key to you getting your dream job. Do not just be another candidate discarded into a pile. Use these 7 simple tips to make your curriculum vitae stand […]


Three million British workers say they HATE their current job


Three million British workers HATE their current job, and feel trapped with no way out – and those stuck inside all day are most likely to be unhappy. A study of 2,000 employed adults found one in 10 actively dislike their work, blaming boredom, their colleagues and lack of praise. But while just three per […]


Creating an unusual home office

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If you’re one of the millions of people working from home over the last several months, you might be wanting to make your home office more of a separate office space rather than a small countertop in your dining area. If you’re interested in an at-home work environment that is separate from your living area, […]


Working remotely: 4 tips for a more productive day

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Let me guess. You tell people that you’re working remotely and they immediately swoon with envy. They picture you sipping artisanal herbal tea in your comfy pyjamas while meditative music plays in the background, and they tell you how lucky you are. Don’t get me wrong. There are some definite benefits, such as no commute […]