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How to set up a contract cleaning business

Contract cleaning services as a sector is incredibly competitive, but with the demand growing as it is, it’s a great option for a business as the entry barriers are fairly low. Here’s how to get started. Check out your target market: What’s the demand? Have a look at the area you want to operate in […]


3 ways to do market research for your start-up


When it comes to marketing, getting to know your target audience is one of the most important things you can do. Every business has its own subtleties and quirks, from the people you’ll sim to attract, through to your competitors and the social media you should be using. Here, we’ve got 3 handy ways to […]


Make your mark as a pro blogger in 6 savvy steps


For several years now you have tried to make your mark in the blogging industry, but haven’t seen massive success. When you first chose to go into blogging you realised that you wouldn’t achieve your goals overnight. You’re not sure where you’re going wrong right now, but if you want to be successful you need […]


Great ways to jump start your own business


Starting a business is no joke. It takes a ton of preparation and practice to get things right. However, that can be a problem if it’s your first time getting off the ground. Are you sure you’re prepared to get your first taste of providing customer service? How to jump start your business There’s good […]