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Eight ways to stop binge eating


We’re all guilty of eating too much from time-to-time, especially in January when we’re trying to restrict ourselves, put ourselves on ridiculous diets and the weather is miserable. And if you work from home, well… it’s all to easy to get grab that third handful of Cadbury’s fingers. However, as tempting as takeaways and chocolates […]


Film fans devour an extra 13,000 calories every year


The average Brit tucks into almost 13,000 calories a year – while watching movies at the cinema. Researchers found film fans will eat sweets, popcorn and hotdogs containing 1,795 calories each time they watch a flick on the big screen – almost the same as a woman’s recommended daily allowance. With the average adult making […]


4 Reasons You Should be Cooking with a Dutch Oven

dutch oven

I will say this right upfront: the dutch oven is misunderstood. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have these beautiful and colorful dutch ovens in their kitchen and are able to count on one hand the amount of times they have used it (that’s if they have used it at all!). There […]


9 Foods You Think Are Healthy – But Actually Aren’t

New Weight Loss Regime

No matter how hard we try to eat healthily, we can often fall into the trap of eating things that we think are good for us – but actually aren’t. I know it can seem like you can’t eat anything but it really is very simple – home and fresh made is key. Cooking and […]