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How to unlock a happier, healthier you with a full body MOT


As life slowly starts to return to some sort of normality, albeit a ‘new normal’, and lockdown restrictions are eased, it’s a great opportunity to re-set, re-boot and revitalise health. Life has been very different for most people over the last few months and health may well have been pushed onto the back burner. However, […]


Change your food to boost your mood


Chocolate, coffee and bananas are among the foods most likely to put you in a good mood, according to Brits. A study of 2,000 adults found that while delicious sugary snacks feature in the top 20, nuts and seeds, berries and fish are also among the foods thought to give you a boost. More than […]


Brits still throw a third of their recyclable items into general waste


The average Brit gets through a staggering  242 plastic bottles, 109 single-use coffee cups and 209 crisp packets each year. Research polling 2,000 UK adults revealed the typical person’s annual rubbish waste also includes 378 snack wrappers, 251 cans, and 374 cardboard boxes or paper packets annually. But it’s not just food and drink packaging […]


3 Positive life changes we can all make under lockdown


With three weeks behind us and at least three more to go, our current state of self-isolation and social distancing is beginning to take a toll on many of us. We’re starting to realise how much we miss the things we’d previously taken for granted, like catching up with friends over coffee or taking the […]