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9 Foods You Think Are Healthy – But Actually Aren’t

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No matter how hard we try to eat healthily, we can often fall into the trap of eating things that we think are good for us – but actually aren’t. I know it can seem like you can’t eat anything but it really is very simple – home and fresh made is key. Cooking and […]


Think You Could Tackle This Record Breaking Feast?

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You know the expression “your eyes a bigger than your belly”? Well, whoever ordered this is certainly a culprit. ASK Italian has has attempted the Guinness World Record for ‘Giantipasti’ with an antipasti board that stretches the length of the restaurant!  The board, which features a mouth-watering array of 62,100g of ingredients, includes 16,000g of cured […]


Celebrity Cookbooks vs. Family Recipes: Which Is Better?

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igella and Jamie must be waking up to their worst nightmare this morning after new research found that 64 per cent of the average mum’s current repertoire of meals are those inherited from their own mothers, rather than found in cook books. It seems British Mums are also shunning online cooking resources like Pinterest and […]


The Best Foods to Eat After Exercising


It can be all-too tempting to just throw any old thing together when you get home from the gym – especially if you’ve been hard at work all day and it’s your first chance to relax. Whether you’re on a diet or not, we all know that exercising is important; and so is the food […]