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Pensioner urges people to defend their homes with new security device


A PENSIONER has pooled his lifesavings to create a new security device after reliving childhood horrors of a terrifying break-in at home more than half a century ago. Gordon Forrester (69) recalled how as a 10-year-old he cowered behind the front door as someone broke it down and abused his mother. Now, after years of […]


How to make your conservatory a cosy space in winter

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Just when you thought you’d escaped Christmas snow-free… BAM. January hits you. All you want to do, especially if you work from home, is get cosy at home. Often, in winter, your conservatory is a no-go zone where you would likely feel the chill far more than in the rest of the house. This doesn’t […]


Soundproofing on a Budget: Here Are 5 Things You Should Keep in Mind

Essential Things Your House Needs to Feel Like a Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries from the outside world. The din of daily life can become overwhelming if you don’t have any way to counteract it. From traffic to idle chatter, to emergency sirens and music, our lives outside our homes are filled with noise. When you’re in your own home, we often want blessed […]


The biggest home decor trends we’re expecting to see this year

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Last year saw a broad array of distinctive trends flourish in residential decors. There was a particular fondness for metallic surfaces and jungle prints – and, if you aren’t willing to relinquish many of the trends that cemented their popularity in 2017, rest assured that 2018 shouldn’t divert too much. In fact, some signs of […]