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Kitchen expert reveals five legacy brands that still rule the roost


THEY are the kitchenware keepsakes that remain a constant throughout changing trends and would be almost impossible to part with.  Mixing bowls, Dutch ovens and classic crockery of timeless designs from manufacturers with proud histories. Passed down from generation to generation, they have stood the test of time while other tableware and kitchen utensil fads […]


7 top tips to get your home Autumn-ready


While we have been blessed with a few more sunny days, the temperatures have started to drop and the days are becoming shorter. Now, the prospect of spending most evenings indoor reading a book on the sofa started to become more and more appealing! So, why not spend the upcoming weekend turning your home into […]


Tidy up your home to make it a functional space!


When the house is tidy, everyone in your home feels great. Of course, this is not easy to maintain especailly with kids running about. But there are some things that make your home look messy no matter what. Take for examples, the kitchen counter or the shelving above the bathroom sink. No matter how tidy […]


These things are ruining your garden aesthetic


People pay good money to have a back garden. Is it one of your dreams to have a nice little area that you can make your own? Unfortunately, certain things might exist that damage your garden aesthetic. You might be thinking, surely we can just get rid of them? Well, some issues can’t be gotten […]