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How to choose the best grow tents

So you want to create your own garden but have limited space? Grow tents provide an enclosed space with one or more grow lights and space to grow a hydroponic indoor garden but for beginner gardeners it can be tricky knowing which are the best. To promote an excellent structure and eco-friendly environment for your […]


10 things you need to avoid when building a new home

Building a dream home is on the wish list of many Brits. But, this process is not as easy as it seems. There are lots of complex challenges to face throughout. When you plan to create your dream home, you may spend hours looking at magazines and stealing inspiration from the professionals. But have you ever […]


Pensioner urges people to defend their homes with new security device


A PENSIONER has pooled his lifesavings to create a new security device after reliving childhood horrors of a terrifying break-in at home more than half a century ago. Gordon Forrester (69) recalled how as a 10-year-old he cowered behind the front door as someone broke it down and abused his mother. Now, after years of […]


How to make your conservatory a cosy space in winter

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Just when you thought you’d escaped Christmas snow-free… BAM. January hits you. All you want to do, especially if you work from home, is get cosy at home. Often, in winter, your conservatory is a no-go zone where you would likely feel the chill far more than in the rest of the house. This doesn’t […]