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4 Things to Prepare For in Your First Apartment


Getting an apartment is a thrilling combination of exciting and daunting, especially when you start thinking of all the things you’ll need to fill it. While nothing can completely prepare you for setting up your first apartment before you do it, here are a few tips that should help: Furniture is Allowed to Be Small […]


5 Ways to Eliminate Clutter in Your Home

eliminate clutter

Clutter in your home can be a huge cause of stress and anxiety in your home, especially when you’re living in a smaller space such as an apartment, where you might not have enough space to store all of your prized possessions. If the clutter in your home is causing stress, you don’t have to […]


6 Things You Should Never Keep in the Bathroom

things to never store in the bathroom

With the bathroom being amongst one of the most humid places of the home, it’ll probably come as no surprise that there are certain items that you shouldn’t store in the area. The varying heat temperature combined with moisture in the air can wreak havoc onto some beauty products, but it can also have a […]


5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

decorate kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a little dull? You don’t need to carry out a complete renovation to breathe new life into this important room. Here are some simple and creative projects that can transform your kitchen. Organise Your Dry Goods Into Pretty Jars You could keep flour, sugar, pasta, and other dry goods in their […]