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Heated debates: Staycation parents ready to fight over the car temperature


British ‘staycation’ parents are preparing for some heated arguments with their partner and kids over getting the temperature right – in the car. Families are busy planning how they are going to spend their leisure time with foreign holidays a no-no for most this summer. And a survey of 2,000 parents by car firm SEAT […]


How to end a relationship amicably


When we think of breakups, we tend to think of blaring rows, tears, hurt and people sitting around in pyjamas eating ice cream from the tub in front of sad films – think Bridget Jones.  But ending a relationship doesn’t always have to be a torrid emotional ordeal with bitter words and long lasting feelings […]


Thoughtful gestures for the man you love


They say love is what keeps a marriage alive, but over the course of time the spark may fade, and romance can take a dive down the priority list. Whether it’s  overwhelming responsibilities or a busy work schedule, there often seems an excuse. Once in a while, you should just let your husband know that […]


The perfect pandemic presents


If you want to send a present to someone during this pandemic, then it can be a little difficult to decide what is best. You’ll need something that can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door; you’ll also want to get them something they can use right now and something that will hopefully put a […]