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10 amazing advantages of travelling solo

Travelling is one of the most thrilling experiences in life – there’s no doubt about it. You get to experience new cultures, see beautiful places, get away from your comfort zone, make new friends and explore incredible places around the world. It is an eye-opening experience and it is no wonder many people have destinations […]


 The 5 best places to eat in Marrakech

Snack twarfat

Marrakech is not only home to beautiful scenery but also delicious and cheap food in colourful markets.  Today we explore the top 5 best places to eat in the beautiful city: Snack Tafrsiwant You can find this hotel at the edge of the roundabout of a renovated mellah spice market in Marrakech’s oldest Jewish quarter. […]


Funny and strange driving laws around the world


While driving in a different country comes with its own share of difficulties, it’s important to be aware of the driving laws of the destination country before you hit the road. Here is a quick guide to driving rules in UK. Speaking of which, some countries have utterly inexplicable driving laws that you should be […]


Ten travel hacks to save time and money


Travelling is an excellent way of taking your mind off daily routines, learning new things and meeting new friends. However, convenience is not always a word you associate with your travels. With many items required and transportation services engaged, a substantial amount of money has to be spent. Besides the usual money-saving tips, you could […]