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Top of the mops: Who has the best celebrity hair?

brad pitt best celebrity hair

MOVIE stars Brad Pitt and Eva Longoria have the best celebrity hair, according to the world’s best hair transplant surgeons. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor Pitt, 56, and Desperate Housewives icon Longoria, 45, might not be in the first flush of youth – but are head and shoulders above their rivals in the […]


How to create the perfect cleaning routine


Ever tried getting some housework or any kind of cleaning routine done during lockdown? Add to it a few children and pets running around whilst trying to check work emails. Not happening? Some of the essential chores are never-ending, and sometimes it can be completely overwhelming when you have meals to cook and work to […]


80% of Brits settle for second best, says new research


More than eight in 10 Brits have settled for second best – when it comes to their job, salary and even their PARTNER. A study of 2,000 adults found a ‘guess that will do’ approach has been adopted because they either haven’t been able to afford better, or get what they really want. Incredibly, 41 […]


How to end a relationship amicably


When we think of breakups, we tend to think of blaring rows, tears, hurt and people sitting around in pyjamas eating ice cream from the tub in front of sad films – think Bridget Jones.  But ending a relationship doesn’t always have to be a torrid emotional ordeal with bitter words and long lasting feelings […]