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Skin care ingredients to avoid if you have acne


Some skin care products meant to treat your skin and prevent acne may sometimes be the actual reason for breakouts. The truth is, many products contain ingredients that are comedogenic and may trigger spots. This is why acne-prone skin individuals should be extra selective with the products they apply to their face and make sure […]


Tips to beat dry skin and scalps

Does all this grim wintery weather play havoc with your hair, scalp and skin? You’re not alone. Flakes, dry patches and dandruff are all too common for lots of us, so here at Celebricious we’ve been perusing what products are on offer for this testing time.   Hair heroes As you can’t see your scalp, […]


5 Amazing Skin Treatments To Fight Acne


Venture in to anyone’s bathroom cabinet and you’ll be sure to find some pads, possibly a tea tree oil sticks, a daily exfoliator and maybe a little tub of Sudocrem. They’re the hallmarks we all have to help fight against pesky blackhead and pimples that pop up from time to time. What happens though if […]


Does Your Skin Affect Your Confidence?


Whilst skin conditions are not life-threatening a new report suggest they shouldn’t be underestimated for the damage they can do to overall well-being. Let’s ‘face’ it, skin is important, we can change our clothes, change our hair but skin is for life. It’s one of the first thing people notice about you and in a […]