Make Valentine’s Day Special On A Budget


Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year… and usually the most expensive. Restaurants bump up prices, florists mark up their bouquets and even the cost of chocolate rockets sky high. If you don’t have hundreds to spend on one evening, don’t worry. Remember that you don’t need to spend loads of money to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Do Your Research

Although most restaurants hike up prices or only offer expensive set menus, if you plan ahead you can often find great deals on restaurants. Search Travel Zoo and for good deals in your local area and book way in advance; Valentine’s offers always sell out quickly. Also look out for day trips that might interest you; spa days and cocktail master classes are incredibly fun and tend to crop up on these sites quite a lot! Plus it’s a great experience to share with your special someone.


A personalised gift is a lovely way to show your loved one how much you care. A photo album filled with photos of the two of you is a wonderful idea; you can reminisce together over all of the special times you’ve shared. Another idea is to make a “mixed tape”. As most people don’t own cassette players anymore, make your partner a playlist and download it onto their phone or burn it onto a CD. You can even personalise a Valentine’s Day card to include a photo or printed message; this is much more romantic than picking any old card up at the shop.


If you don’t fancy going out for dinner, why not cook at home instead? Cooking is much cheaper than paying for a fancy dinner, plus your loved one will really appreciate all the effort you’ve put in! You won’t have worry about booking any reservations weeks in advance, plus you can plan the meal around your schedule. With all the money you’ll save by cooking at home, you could even head out to a cocktail bar or a show after dinner.

Watch a Film At Home


A terrific alternative to splurging at the cinema is to watch a film at home. Surprising your loved one by watching the first film you ever saw together is a very sweet and romantic gesture. Or you could watch your beau’s favourite film to show how much you love them – they’ll especially appreciate it if they know it isn’t something you would normally choose to watch!

Time Travel

Okay, so I’m not suggesting that you and your dearest literally time travel for Valentine’s Day. Due to the fact that everywhere tends to be awfully busy and expensive on the 14th, why not have your special date the day before or the day after. You’ll save a tonne of money by doing this and you can still have a lovely, romantic time.

Stargazing Picnic

Sitting out under the stars on a perfectly clear night is arguably the most romantic activity you can do. Grab a blanket and pack up some food to much on and have a midnight picnic. Lounging under the stars with your loved one might just be the most romantic moment you’ve ever had. Just remember to wrap up and take a flask of something warm to drink!

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