5 Cool DIY Headboard Ideas

diy headboard ideas

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just update the decor of your current bedroom, you might want to spruce up your bedroom by updating the headboard.

Finding cool DIY headboard ideas has the potential to really brighten up a bedroom and a simple DIY job is all you need!

Here are some of our favourite cool headboard ideas:



One of our favourite headboard ideas comes from Shanty2Chic.

This headboard was designed for a children’s bedroom and is a great way to upcycle any old doors (they don’t have to be exclusively barn doors!).

Simply saw down the door to your desired height, apply a wood stain/varnish and attach it to the top of the bed base. It’s such a simple way to find a use for an old door AND gives a room a lot of character too!



recycled palettes

Similar to the previous idea, you can also add wood palettes to create a headboard!

This idea from Rice Design Blogs is great and very versatile – if you have one or two to spare, then you should definitely give it a go.

It will show you how easy it is to create a custom headboard and the slots in the side could even be used for storage!



antique windows

If you’re looking for the stereotypical ‘blogger style’ home, you’ll love this idea by Liz Marie.

Antique windows make an awesome DIY headboard idea as they are so easy to do. Car boot and charity shops often hold these little gems and a simple pot of paint could bring them back to life.

Once they’ve been painted, all that’s left is to attach them to the wall. Although they’re not the typical ‘headboard’, they do look incredible!



recycled books

What better to do with your old books than display them in a DIY headboard using wood glue?

Book lovers often end up with too many books than they care to think about, so Design Everyday Blog‘s idea of turning them into a headboard is a great one!

All you’ll need to do is glue the books firmly on a large wooden slab and attach it to your bed frame. Simple as that!



pegboard diy headboard

For the forgetful type who always seems to lose important things, this pegboard headboard by Sugar & Cloth is a great DIY headboard project!

All you need to do is purchase some pieces of cheap pegboard, attach above your bed and the rest is up to you.

Add a bunch of flowers, notes or reminders onto it and when you wake up, you’ll feel much more motivated and prepared for the day.


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