10 Ways to Exercise without Trying

how to exercise without trying

Don’t have time for exercise with your current hectic lifestyle? Not to worry! It’s recommend that we get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day, so taking note of that, here are 10 ways to exercise without trying:

1. Cleaning the House

Set a day every week to clean your house and clean it inside out. Even 30 minutes of hoovering could burn up to 150 calories. You will burn plenty of calories and have a clean house to show for it too!

2. Use a Standing Desk

Sitting down at a desk all day can be very damaging to your health with prolonged sitting being just as bad for your health as smoking, according to researchers at Queen’s University Belfast.

Try to use a standing desk, as standing in intervals boosts metabolic metrics like calorie burn and blood flow.

how to exercise without trying

3. Go for a Hike

Head out for a hike with friends on a Sunday afternoon. Just one hour of hiking can burn well over 500 calories, depending on how intense the workout is.

Hiking has many other fantastic benefits such as boosting mood, lowering cancer risk and helping with insomnia.

4. Walking

Incorporate more waking into your daily routines by doing small things such as getting off the bus a stop or two earlier and walking. Instead of doing meetings sitting down at the table, try and take the meetings outside while walking around the area.

Dan Smullen, a personal trainer at 1Escape Gym says “It’s so easy to integrate walking into a busy lifestyle and there are so many benefits of walking such as losing weight, improving your mental health, reducing stress and even toning the bum!”.

5. Use the Stairs

Take the stairs rather than using the escalator or lift. Stairs are a great opportunity for a leg workout and will burn off calories in such a short space of time.

6. Exercise while Watching TV

Rather than waiting for the show or movie to come back after ads, do as many push ups as you can during that ad break! You won’t feel guilty the next day if you’ve binged on Netflix for a couple of hours!

how to exercise without trying

7. Standing in Line

There is nothing more frustrating being in a long queue in a supermarket. Next time you’re in the queue, subtly stand on your tippy toes for up to a minute,  which will strengthen calf muscles.

8. Walk the Dog

Bring the dog out for a walk, you will not only feel great after it but your dog will love you for it too.

9. Mobile Phone Exercises

We are all guilty of sitting down on the couch for a long chat with a friend over the phone. Rather than sitting down on the couch, get up and walk around the house when chatting on the phone.

Make a habit of leaving it in other rooms too, so when it rings you have to sprint to get it!

10. Replace the Trolley with a Basket

Carry a basket instead of using a trolley, to work the muscles in your arms.

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