How to Apply False Lashes Perfectly Every Time

how to apply false lashes

We’ve all been there – you’re out at a party and you’re being bugged constantly by the eyelashes you’re wearing. It overpowers your night and although it may sound like a trivial “girl problem”, there’s no better feeling than ripping them off!

False lashes have the potential to make you look like a TOWIE-wannabe but when applied correctly, they have the power to completely transform your face.

From determining your eye shape to allowing the glue to become tacky, we share how to apply false lashes like a pro and get them perfect every time:

Determine your eye shape

Choosing to apply any old false lashes isn’t the best way for finding ones that suit you. It’s helpful to determine the shape of your eye before you buy, then choosing the shape that compliments them best.

Deep-set eyes

If your eyes are deep-set (i.e eyes that look ‘deeper’ into your head), it’s helpful to try lashes that are longer in the center to lift them. This kind of eye shape also tends to portray a stronger brow bone so lifting the center of the eye can help to make them more prominent.

Droopy eyes

If your eyes are down turned and taper off towards the end, shorter strip lashes that have a longer outer-edge are great for lifting them.

Hooded eyes

If your eyelids hang over your eye and you aren’t able to fully see the lid of your eye whilst it is open, you may struggle to wear false lashes. However, short individual lashes can widen your eyes when applied in the center of the eye.

how to apply false lashes 2


One important thing that many people forget when it comes to applying false lashes is that sadly, one size doesn’t fit all. Every lash and every eye is different!

To get the best length that suits your eye, take the uncut lash and lay it along the lash line – like you’re applying it but without the glue – and see how far out the lash extends beyond your eye. Lashes are usually formed in clusters, so try trimming one cluster at a time until you get your desired length.

One thing to remember when it comes to trimming lashes is that you should always trim from the end. This makes sure that the shape isn’t too stark at the inner corner!

Choosing glue to apply false lashes

If you’ve found that your lashes look perfect when you leave the house but are sliding down your face within a few hours, it may be your lash glue that is to blame.

DUO is a popular choice amongst beauty lovers and it is also my personal favourite. The long-lasting formula and comfort that it brings is much better than the glue supplied with usual glue that comes with false lashes!

Tweezer application

The number one tip I found when learning how to apply false lashes was to use a tweezer – I can’t get a precise effect without them!

Hold the center of the lash in the center and press the middle onto the center of your eye. Then use the precise point to tuck in the inner and outer corners. You can even use the tweezer to squeeze your natural and fake lashes together!

If all else fails and you’re still struggling to find a great way to apply lashes, whack on some eyeliner and enjoy the extra play you have to stick the lash to without leaving an obvious gap!

What’s your best tip when you apply false lashes?


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