6 Proven Ways to Naturally Ease Period Cramps & Symptoms


Unfortunately, our time of the month rolls around almost twelve times per year – that’s almost one fourth of your entire year spent suffering from period cramps, pains, bloatedness and migraines.

When I was younger, I spent hours Googling the best way to ease period cramps and as I like to think of myself as an expert when it comes to easing PMS symptoms (not by choice, trust me).

If you’re anything like me and are practically bed-bound for the week, you might want to try these natural methods to ease period cramps and sooth any symptoms you might be facing:

Change Your Diet

As much as you may love gorging on sweets, chocolates and any unhealthy snacks you can get your hands on; changing your diet can have a huge influence on the symptoms you’re getting throughout the time of the month. Foods with a heavy amount of fibre can help to escort surplus oestrogen out of your body and make you feel in better overall health.

Along with the foods you eat throughout your period, there are a variety of supplements and vitamins that you can take to naturally soothe the body, including:


A lack of magnesium (aka a magnesium deficiency) can exaggerate the symptoms you’re feeling. It can help to reduce breast pain and headaches, as well as curve sugar cravings which could lead to weight gain.


Along with improving your general strength, calcium supplements can also have a huge impact on your moodiness. Mood swings, depression and fatigue can be combated with this kind of additive, so it’s definitely worth getting out of bed to have some milk and cereal in the morning!

Use a Hot Water Bottle

Ah, the traditional method of using a hot water bottle or heating pad to soothe and ease period cramps – is there anything better? When I’m relaxing in the evening and my PMS symptoms begin to kick in, I always opt for a placing a hot (or warm) water bottle on my lower stomach and back as opposed to taking some paracetamol.

Drink Tea

Caffeine can also exaggerate and worsen your PMS symptoms, so it’s good to opt for another alternative that is kinder to your body. Herbal teas are a popular choice, with chamomile lessening muscle spasms and reducing tension and dandelion-based drinks aiding in the reduction of bloated-ness. There’s no doubting that they can help to ease period cramps – that’s if you can get past the taste, of course…


Despite the extreme lack of appeal (let’s face it – the only thing we want to do throughout this time is lay on the sofa, eating chocolate and watching a romantic movie), exercise is the ultimate way to reduce your period pains.

Exercising – no matter what time of the month – released endorphins, which can help to decrease stress in your body. As well as this, exercising also helps to get blood pumping around your body and help you feel less fatigued.

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