5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

decorate kitchen

Is your kitchen looking a little dull? You don’t need to carry out a complete renovation to breathe new life into this important room. Here are some simple and creative projects that can transform your kitchen.

Organise Your Dry Goods Into Pretty Jars

You could keep flour, sugar, pasta, and other dry goods in their original packages, but that can quickly make your pantry looked cluttered and make it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Shop online or at secondhand stores for some attractive storage canisters or jars.

Then you can get to work on decorating the jars. Create pretty labels, paint them, or wrap twine or ribbon around them. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest and other online resources.

Make Practical Magnets for Your Fridge

Sure, you can find tons of beautiful magnets to decorate your fridge, but why not combine looks and function?

Find some cool old tins, such as those used for spices, and glue them to magnets. Once they’re on your fridge, you can store small, lightweight items in them. They’re ideal for things like pens, pencils, and toothpicks. You can even put a few flowers from your garden in them for an extra splash of colour.

Replace or Revamp Your Kitchen Linens

There is nothing wrong with using old, mismatched hand towels, dish rags, and dish scrubbers, but replacing them is a great way to express your style. You can learn how to knit your own dish scrubber, and you can choose the perfect colour to match your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Your homemade scrubber may even work better than a store-bought one! For other kitchen linens, consider doing some embroidery. If embroidery seems too tedious and time-consuming, opt for iron-on appliques.

Also take a look at your cloth napkins. You can beautify them by buying or creating attractive new napkin rings.

Add Some Soft Lighting

It’s great to have bright lighting in your kitchen when you’re cleaning or cooking, but what about when you just wander in for a midnight snack? The last thing you want is for glaring lights to harass your tired eyes.

You can install Christmas lights along the walls or above or below your cabinets. The icicle-style ones are romantic-looking and provide a lovely glow. Go to the Christmas Lights Etc to find gorgeous lights at reasonable prices.

Plant a Garden

Most kitchen windows get plenty of sunlight, so you can put some small potted plants there. Grow some fresh herbs; they’ll smell great, look good, and give you a convenient and organic way to add flavor to your favorite dishes. Get creative with your planters.

You can use old Bundt cake pans, homemade pottery, or a range of other items. If you have the space for it, you can even hang a few plants from the ceiling.

The kitchen is the focal point of any home, and you want it to be as attractive as possible. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a remodel, make small creative changes to makeover this essential room.

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