7 Secrets to Getting Enough Sleep Before Your Wedding Day


The days when a man is preparing to ask a woman to marry him are certainly fun. First, he goes to buy the most beautiful engagement ring in the world, keeping it a secret from everyone.

The night before the wedding day the mind of the future brides-to-be is more often than not overladen with many thoughts, ideas and worries regarding the never-ending to-do list, and filled with excitement and adrenaline for the big day. Unfortunately, this is preventing them from a quality shut eye. Sleeplessness is actually a very common struggle among future brides as the date is getting closer so this means you are definitely not alone.

However, a lack of sleep can mean low energy levels, dull skin, dark under eye circles and puffy eyes – definitely not ideal for your wedding day. Even though you’ll probably not going to sleep deeply the night before your wedding, because let’s face it this is not like any other regular night in your life, you can still get your pre-wedding rest you most certainly need and deserve.

Follow these next 7 tips and you’ll probably wake up feeling energised, looking radiant and feeling much more ready to handle the stress and joys of the big day.

1. Get Some Exercise Early in the Day

Exercising should definitely be a part of your wedding planning process. A brisk walk, evening run, soothing stretches or a spin class will get out the nervous energy out of your body, will reduce your pre-wedding stress and will help you sleep better at night.

Also, exercising has additional beauty benefits for future brides-to-be like beautifying the skin and burning those extra calories. If you want to lose some weight quickly and healthily and you have at least 21 days before your wedding day, then you should try the 3 week diet plan program, consisted of diet manual, workout manual and mindset and motivational manual. However, make sure to set aside 20-30 minutes to wind down before going to bed.

2. Have a Hot Bath

Set one hour aside for a perfect pre-wedding soak. Play some relaxing music and run a bath for yourself filled with some aromatherapy crystals infused with natural calming scents.

The warm water will help your relax, will reduce those pre-wedding worries and will help your body prepare for sleep.


3. Avoid Technology Before Bedtime

It may be tricky to stop sending last minute texts to your bridesmaids, caterer or florist but you should definitely switch any screen device off at least 1 hour before going to bed if you want to have a quality shut-eye the night before your big day.

The bright light your device emits is a true sleep stealer. Not only it is extremely alerting to our brain but it is also telling it that is still a daytime by suppressing the release of melatonin (the sleep hormone). This is why you should avoid the usage of all of your electronic devices and keep the lights low in your bedroom as you are preparing for sleeping.

If you really need to check that text you should at least adjust your display settings and turn on the “night shift” on you smartphone because that will reduce the emission of blue light and will emit a warmer light.

4. Eat a Light Meal at Dinner

Your last meal at the night before your wedding day should be easily digestible. Choose a light, high in protein and low in carbs dinner if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Another good option might be some oily fish, rich in Omega-3 because it regulates the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin that are directly involved in sleep regulation.

It would also be wise if you skip drinking alcohol that night. Alcohol consumption will dehydrate your skin, will make you bloated the next day and will prevent you from sleeping deeply. Avoid caffeine too, or take it earlier in the day because it can increase your stress level and will make it harder for you to fall asleep.


5. Make Your Bedroom a Perfect Sleeping Environment

Not getting enough zzz’s ? Maybe you should consider changing the atmosphere in your bedroom. Use a natural cotton bed linen, ambient lighting and calming scents that might trigger the brain to relax and shut off before bed.

Avoid sleeping on synthetic materials because they trap the moisture and heat inside. For the aromatherapy, you will need a diffuser and some essential oil that releases soothing smell like chamomile, lavender, rose or Ylang Ylang.

Also, make sure that the temperature in your room is just right. Experts suggest that we sleep best in a room temperature around 20C.

6. Relax With Your Future Husband

For most couples, the wedding planning process is pretty stressful because they roll right from their workday into the evening wedding “work” that also continues during the weekends. This means that couples basically don’t have the time to simply rest and relax.

If you are one of them, then you should probably know that this chronic multitasking may put you at risk for high cortisol levels that can make you feel stressed, short tempered, prone to meltdowns and insomnia. In order to stop this from happening, you should definitely consider scheduling specific days with your fiancé for when you will work on the wedding planning process and when you will not.

This will keep you more focused on your tasks and errands and will make you look forward to your wedding day with a positive approach and peaceful mind. The night before the wedding is the time to relax with your partner, maybe give each other a back rub, along with peaceful music and dimmed lights.

Help each other calm your nerves by emotionally connecting for the last night as an unmarried couple.


7. Make Time for Meditation

If your mind is racing or feels tense as a result of all those wedding to-dos, then you should try a calming breathing meditation or guided relaxation technique. For the breathing meditation you should sit comfortably with your spine supported on the back of the chair, shoulders relaxed on your thighs and feet flat on the floor.

Then try to visualise your wedding day; imagine that you look adorable in your gown, your husband-to-be looks like the luckiest man alive, all of your guests are happy and the flowers are perfectly arranged.

Then inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Repeat this few times. You can also use a guided mindfulness meditation such as Headspace. If you haven’t practiced before try to meditate on a daily basis in the week leading to your wedding so you can learn the technique and do it with ease.

Conclusion: More than anything, don’t forget to breathe deeply and enjoy every moment of the upcoming event. Remember that you’ll be formalizing your love with your soon-to-be hubby with whom you’ll be starting a new, amazing chapter in your lives. It will all be over before you know it!

Choose one or more of these techniques to relax, and chances are you’ll get that beauty sleep before your big day and become a pro at healthy sleep habits as well.

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