Making the Most of Luxury Travel

Making the Most of Luxury Travel

Comfortable and convenient, a cruise is the perfect way to travel for the person who is short of time but wants to pack in a whole load of travel. Then there’s luxury cruise travel for the person who wants to pack in a whole load of travel but also to add to experience with some of the extra comforts of life along the way. Not sure to go down the standard route or the luxury one?

Luxury cruises differ from mainstream lines by the level of quality on offer. Invariably they are all inclusive, and provide plenty of options for fine dining. Luxury cruise lines also tend to offer spacier cabins, including balconies and verandas adding some welcome opulence to life on the high seas.

While they may not be the best choice fror those travelling with children, due to the conspicious lack of waterslides and the like, they do make for an ideal way to treat yourself. Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest a little extra in the luxury option and how to make the most of the trip once you’ve booked it.

You deserve it

Sure, you can go on your standard vacation, but luxury travel is that opportunity to reward yourself for all your hard work. You might pay a little extra, but when you work hard, you’ve got to play hard as well – it’s the rules! And no holiday allows you to charge your batteries like a luxury cruise. Crossing the oceans… seeing the world… you’ve earned it, so go on and on treat yourself.

It’s a taste of the VIP treatment

Luxury travel provides real value for money. Take the UK, for instance, where companies offer give you a touch of the VIP treatment, with services like door to door transportation or free connecting flights to regional airports. They’ll throw in both if you’re lucky enough. Of course, you’ll be on a large luxury cruise liner, too, so you’ll look the part as you travel around the world, port to port.

Value for money

Luxury cruise travel doesn’t just throw in some more expensive freebies. You’ll find that companies include a few minor daily expenses, too, like tea and coffee, which you might normally expect to pay for. Book your cruise for a time when one of you is celebrating your birthday – or if you’re both celebrating an anniversary – and it will be a cruise to remember since some operators run free birthday and anniversary packages.

What to do?

When you’ve made the smart decision to go for the luxury travel option, you’ll want to make the most of it. Here are some of the best ways to get the bang out of your luxury cruise buck.

Go somewhere that little bit different

You could live the cruise dream and go somewhere warm, faraway and wonderful, like the Caribbean. That’s fair enough – not many people would turn their nose up at doing that.

However, you could be something of a travel renegade and go against the norm by taking a cruise to somewhere like the Far East, which is almost like a whole new world to the West. Thailand spoils you with some of the most enticing islands in Asia, and Malaysia shows you the true meaning of a busy cities when your cruise liner sails down the Straits of Malacca. It’s not exactly round the corner, so you can enjoy all that luxury as you sail from destination to destination.

Go on a few unusual excursions

Yes, you can jump off in some ports and take a walk around the local shops or catch a quick ferry to a nearby island or city, or both. Others, however, present you with the opportunity to do more off-the-wall adventurous like ride elephants or do a tour by helicopter. Keep an eye open for offshore adventures!

Dress up for dinner

Remember, cruises are renowned for their elegance, so why not look the part and get yourself all glammed up? There’s nothing like putting on your best clothes and feeling like a million dollars. Look sharp, for you shall go to the ball!

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