5 Tips on Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band


Today, the bride is not the only one to flaunt a wedding ring on the wedding day. In today’s modern wedding ceremonies, there is an exchange of rings from both sides. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the perfect wedding band for the groom:

1. Setting a Budget

Wedding rings are beautiful but pretty expensive too. It helps to set a realistic budget before you go shopping for one. After determining how much you can afford to spend on wedding band, do some research to find out what are some of the best styles and metals available within your desired price range.

2. Groom’s Lifestyle

It is also important to choose a wedding band for the groom after reflecting on his lifestyle. If he has a job that requires some labor, buying a metal that is sturdy enough to endure it is a wise choice. Similarly, if his hobbies include playing football or woodcutting, certain metals can be damaged in the long run. Tungsten men’s wedding bands can be a good choice as they are durable and maintain their shine for a long time suggests Aaron from American Tungsten.

3. Choose the Right Kind of Metal

After choosing the type of metal which will suit the groom’s lifestyle better, check for its durability, appearance and comfort. One of the most popular choices of metals for groom is gold, be it white or yellow. Titanium bands are also popular choices, as they are durable and the hardest of metals. They are available in various colors, including silver and white. Platinum is another white metal which has a heavy feel to it. It is dense. Even though platinum wedding bands are much like white-gold bands, they are more solid and expensive.

Another metal that is recently becoming popular is Tungsten. This is a new kind of metal admired for its scratch-resistance and affordability. Similar to titanium and white gold, it has a gray-white color. Apart from being durable, tungsten men’s wedding bands have a permanent polish that ensures the ring retains its shine and looks new. One of the least expensive metals for men’s wedding bands is silver. However, it is not the best choice for long-term use as silver can turn black owing to oxidation. Therefore, it is not suitable for a wedding band that the guy will wear on a daily basis.

4. Consider Matching Bands

In many cases, couples buy wedding rings together. This is because they want their wedding bands to match. These similarities may include the pattern, color and metal type. Even though it is not important for a couple to wear matching wedding bands, a few couples believe it to be a symbol of love and equality in the marriage.

5. Choose the Right Size

Professional sizing is ideal for choosing a wedding band that never slips off or gets stuck. Most jewelers do the sizing part for free, so there is no excuse to skip this crucial step. If you are choosing your groom’s wedding band as a surprise gift, try to secretly borrow one of his rings just to make sure the wedding band is just the right size.

Final Thought

Always keep in mind that a ring is for life, imagine yourself wearing the ring that you have in mind and ask yourself. Will I be happy with the choice I make today, 10, 15 years from now?

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