The perks Brits want from work


Flexible working hours, higher pension contributions and extra holiday for long service are among the top work perks for British employees.

A study of 2,000 workers found more than half want staff benefits to help improve their work/life balance and 49 per cent want them to save money.

And while younger adults highlight the need for help with housing, older generations are more concerned with private healthcare.

Access to mental health care is also more important to those who started working this decade.

Half of employees said they would quit their current employment if they thought they could get more perks elsewhere. Just one in five say they’d prefer extra pay over comprehensive benefits.

Steven Osei, spokesman for the Preferential Partnerships programme at Get Living, said: “It’s no surprise that employees’ attitudes to workplace benefits have changed over the last five decades.

“Employees move jobs more often, are more likely to work from home and expect compensation for their dedication.

“To keep up with the competition, employers need to reflect workers more flexible lifestyles.”

Those who started their working life in 2010 or later are most likely to want pets in the office and free breakfast supplies.

Free tea and coffee is most valued by workers aged between 45-54, with over-55’s the most likely to seek out an enhanced pension contribution.

People aged between 18-24 cite unlimited holiday days as the most attractive perk they think a company could offer.

Employees who have been working the longest are most satisfied with their current benefits package, while those starting work in the 1990s  are least happy.

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