Funny and strange driving laws around the world


While driving in a different country comes with its own share of difficulties, it’s important to be aware of the driving laws of the destination country before you hit the road.

Here is a quick guide to driving rules in UK. Speaking of which, some countries have utterly inexplicable driving
laws that you should be familiar with before you get stuck in an unknown land for longer than
expected. The list of countries with such inane laws is never ending, but let’s discusses some of the strangest ones out there.


Some of the most bizarre driving laws can be found in Asian countries.
1. China doesn’t seem to be an admirer of those walking on the streets, so
they’ve declared it illegal for anyone to stop for pedestrians, even when being courteous.
2. Furthermore, in Manilla, Philippines, the law forbids you from driving on Mondays if the last digit on your number plate is 1 or 2.
3. In Thailand, there’s a law against driving shirtless.
4. Singapore stops drivers from coming within 50 metres of pedestrians.


With all those odd laws in Asia, let’s see what this continent has to offer.
5. In Moscow, you can be fined for driving a dirty car. Guess that’s just another way to encourage cleanliness.

6. In United Kingdom number plates are changed two times every year, first it happens on 1st of March and then 1st of September.
7. Harry Tate was the first celebrity to purchase the personalised number plate ‘T8‘.
8. While in Denmark, the law forbids you from setting off on your journey without checking for children that may be hiding under your vehicle.
10. In Germany, it is illegal to stop at the side of the motorway, even if you run out of fuel.

11. In Spain, it’s illegal to drive without an extra pair of sunglasses, even when you’re wearing one.
12. Switzerland doesn’t allow you to wash your car on Sundays.
13. Eating or drinking anything while driving is not allowed in Cyprus, even water.

South Africa

14. Since Animals are treated with much regard in Africa, it’s illegal to not stop for a crossing animal. Big fines should be expected when you do make that mistake.


Among all those continents with the strangest laws, America seems to have the most.
15. In Alaska, it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your vehicle.
16. California forbids women from driving while wearing a dressing gown.
17. Also, in California, you are forbidden to sleep on the road no matter how comfortable
you might find it.
18. In Marietta, Georgia, only truck drivers are allowed to spit on the road from a moving
truck. Bus and car drivers will be fined.
19. In Denver, Colorado, I is illegal to drive a black car on Sundays.
20. While riding a bicycle in Connecticut, the riders should be aware that they will be fined
with a ticket if they cross the speed limit that is 65 mph.
21. Meanwhile, In Maine, you will be fined for parking in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.
22. In New Orleans and Memphis, it is illegal for a woman to drive without a man in front of her car holding a warning flag.
23. If you’re in New Jersey, be careful while addressing a police officer because you can be fined for frowning at him.
24. In Minneapolis, the law forbids you to drive a red car on Lake Street.
25. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive with blindfolds. Just in case someone forgets.
Those were some of the most strange and funny driving laws around the world. Hope they
made you scratch your head.


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