How to make the most of living somewhere small

It is no secret that finding a large and spacious flat is hard to come by. This can be especially true if you live close to a train station or in one of the main cities like London. You can pay some sky-high prices just for the privilege. So when it comes to where you live, sometimes you might have to sacrifice the square footage that you live in, just because the local could be ideal for you.

But living in a small flat doesn’t mean that it can’t look good. With a few trips and tricks, you can quite easily make it look bigger and more spacious than it actually is.


Be strategic

When you think about the living areas in a condominium, even if there is only one, then it is a good idea to make sure that there are no items of furniture just hanging out in the centre of the room. Instead, think about having some accent pieces, with a focus of around the sofa, as it can help to make the space feel much bigger. Sometimes less is more when it comes to a small living space, and having an open plan look can work better than having more walls. 

Think about scale

When you live in a small space, think about the scale of it all, and what will fit best. Often, having fewer larger pieces, think of furniture or artwork, for example, will look much better than smaller pieces. Take a small bedroom as an example. Having one large piece of art above the bed will look better in the room than having three or four smaller ones. So things like photo walls should be avoided, and then fill up the vertical walls space with larger and fewer items.

Light and bright

If you are wanting to create the illusion of space, and making the room look bigger and brighter than it is, then it is best to think about choosing shades of white and grey on walls, rather than anything darker. You can bring colour in using other things, like rugs, cushions, and artwork, so don’t shrink the room even more by using a dark colour on the walls or even flooring.

Everything needs a place

When you are living in a small space, having it be clutter-free and organised can help a lot. Otherwise it can all overwhelm and there will be so many things that don’t actually have a place and will look extra messy. You can also create the illusion of a space being bigger than it is, if there is no clutter. So make sure that everything has a place, and you know where it needs to go back to. Having some pieces of furniture that double up functions can help too, like having bedside tables with several drawers, rather than just one. So then you can use it for storage, but also for your lamp and the bedside items that you need to have handy right by you.

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