A complete guide to maintaining your car


Owning a car is a very big responsibility. There are loads of things that can happen to your car that may lead to it breaking down and or a high repair bill.

To avoid this, follow these basic tips that will keep you rolling down the road for a long time. Ignoring simple, quick-to-do maintenance tips can lead to issues forming and growing in severity.

Check tyres regularly
The pressure of your tyres can greatly affect the performance of your vehicle. If your tyres are not inflated enough, this can negatively affect the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Over-inflated tires are also a major worry. If your tyres have signs of damage, then they should be fixed or changed as soon as possible to avoid a blow-out while you are on the road. Never ignore your tyres and make the needed repairs and maintenance on them to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Keep an eye on the bodywork
You will need to keep an eye on the bodywork of your vehicle. Firstly, make sure nothing is loose or damaged. Taking time to pull on parts will confirm if they are secured and not in danger of falling off your vehicle. This can save you a ton of potential trouble.

If you have been involved in a car accident also make sure that you have fully comp car insurance to cover any damage that you receive.

Keep a toolkit in your car
In the case of you having an emergency, you will want to ensure that you have an emergency toolkit in your car. Things like jumper cables, empty petrol cans, roadside flares, and a flashlight can really come in handy when you suffer a breakdown.

It is also a good idea to regularly check that these items are in good nick. You’ll have yourself to thank when there is not an emergency vehicle around to help you!

Water is the life of your engine
Water and oil are the two things that go a long way in maintaining your vehicle. If you don’t have enough water in your engine then your car will suffer serious engine damage and parts will begin to fail – including the water pump. When this fails, then it is a matter of time before other parts will fail.

Maintain your engine oil
The oil in your car engine is a lot more important than you might expect as it keeps all of your engine parts lubricated. This means there is no friction that will lead to the part failing and thus your engine suffering serious issues.

It is a great idea to change your oil regularly as well as use the correct weight of oil for your particular vehicle.

Look at your lights

Taking a casual glance at your headlights, brake lights and reverse lights once a week is vital in helping to alert other drivers in dark or foggy weather. Avoid getting a ticket for having inadequate or ‘out’ lights.

Windshield wipers are vital
There is a lot of trouble that can occur when you have wipers in bad condition. If you hit a downpour of rain and need to clear your windshield, you should be able to rely on these to make sure that your view will not be hindered. Replace these every few months to ensure that they are in good condition. Also, make sure that you look at these regularly to detect any damage or wear. 


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