Four reasons to book a Broadway show


Heading to the Big Apple on your holidays? Looking for the best trip out? We often tend to have the same old nights out in our city, whether it’s a favourite restaurant or a cinema trip. For something a little different, consider these four reasons to take a trip to Broadway…

1 . A cultured night out

Theatre is the perfect way to experience a bit of culture in your city, a chance to ditch your usual haunts for some talented performers, inspiring stories, and the gorgeous theatre-style architecture. For a family theatre trip or a birthday gift for a friend, a Broadway show is the perfect cultural night out.

2. The arts are therapeutic

Whether it’s exploring paintings at a gallery, dancing at a gig, or watching an awe-inspiring theatre production, experiencing the arts has long been praised as a therapeutic pastime.

Engaging in arty activities has been linked to both positive mental health and raised endorphin levels, (whether creation or just watching)!

3. Your favourite books-live

Ever wanted to experience your favourite books live? With Broadway, there’s every chance that you can. You might fancy a bit of To Kill A Mockingbird, or perhaps Harry Potter is more your thing? You’ve read Matilda and watched the hit movie with Danny Devito; now, perhaps it’s time to see the story live.

4. Discounted tickets

Last up, there are plenty of discounted west end tickets available right now. You could land yourself the best seats at the best price too. First, the important question is which theatre show should you see? To help you find out, be sure to check out the infographic below.


Infographic Design By west end tickets

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