3 trendy outfits to help you look effortlessly gorgeous


On a bright sunny day post-lockdown,  you wake up all excited, body buzzing with energy because you’ve finally got places to be! But then hold up… What to wear?

Closet rummaging; a mini panic attack on way! Completely flabbergasted! That’s what you’re feeling… Okay, calm down and take a deep breath.

Dear gorgeous ladies, Let us share with you three crazily chic styles. Buckle up and make pointers. Let the journey to make you the star of the night begin:

Casual is the new classical

Who says you must suffer to look good? Nah, that’s old news. Style is more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good too. What use is an outfit if you’re left feeling weird, tired, and uncomfortable? Right?!

So what you must do if you want to make heads turn?  Showcase your graceful woman with a casual twist.

Want to keep it casual yet ethereal? Trust us: always go for denim jackets. They are easy to wear and can be matched with every casual accessory in your wardrobe. Can there be a more amazing and versatile fashion item than denim?  

All you need is some white straight jeans, a plain black cotton t-shirt, and a luxurious and classy denim jacket. Some baby pink trainers to match, a grey leather cross-body and adorn some light accessories- preferably a wristwatch and some tops.

Oh, girl, you’re sure to make heads turn left and right as you stroll with an envy-worthy flair.

Mismatch to shine the brightest

Sure, ever since we’ve known, professional dressing means your closet must most definitely have a business suit. But to be honest, wearing the usual professional single-toned pants with jackets or skirts and blazers is ‘Vanilla’ if you ask us.  Now is your time to break apart from norms. Spice it up and add some colour in your hectic work life, women!

Why blend in when you can outshine and be the different one? Let your dressing be your identity – the factor that sets you apart from others.

How to do that in the corporate world of ordinary greys and blacks and whites? Be creative and use what we call “the rule of three.” Adorn clothes and even pairing jewelry of different shades, if not colours. Want suggestions? Here you go:

Adorn a white loose-fit white button-down, some high-waist chequered flared pants, a vintage rust-coloured blazer on top of your shoulders. Keep it elegant by carrying a rust small tote bag and blood red pointed pumps.

Leather is a trendy treasure

Okay, ladies, listen up.  True style is never to stay in your comfort zone. It is about venturing out of it and being bold with your choices. Mind you; this doesn’t mean you wear fits that you don’t like, just because the fit is in the ‘hotlist.’ We want you to try out things you’ve never tried before.

You’d be surprised to see how some changes can look so heavenly on your body. It’s as if they are made for you, and you didn’t even realise it before. Keeping this in mind, test your boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and add some leather in your lives.

We say, “Leather and sugar and spice and everything nice!” Attract people with your enchanting vibes and ethereal looks. Scale up your fashion scale a bit and see wonders happen. Let the world know you’re a woman on a mission, and no one’s going to stop you!

All this and more, with the help of just one powerful asset: an elegant black leather jacket.

Team with with an off-white pleated skirt, a white loose sleeveless blouse, and an ageless and luxurious black leather jacket. Finish off your ensemble with some shiny black pointed ankle heeled boots and a black leather handbag.

Ending it

Before signing off, let us reassure you that a little change in your typical dressing style does miracles. Sometimes, you need not even buy new stuff. A little innovation and experimenting with your existing wardrobe is more than enough.

So ladies, make your date swoon and your audience awestruck by your delightful personality and captivating appeal. Considering you’re on the right track, it won’t be hard, trust us!


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