5 great gifts for your booze-loving friend


Finding the right gift for friends can be a daunting task. While you know about their likes and dislikes, it can be confusing to pick one gift that they will cherish the most. Well, your task can become a little easier if your friend is a fan of drinking!

Are you searching for a perfect gift for your friend or colleague who loves to drink? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Read on and find out the best and most unique gift ideas.

What can you gift to someone who loves drinking?

Almost everyone has one friend who is a pro at alcohol. Be it knowing the right spirit for every occasion or the best bar around town; they are your go-to person for alcohol-related advice. Naturally, it can be a little difficult to find the right gift for an expert.

Here are some perfect gift ideas:

1.       Unique glasses

While every alcohol lover has a set of glasses that are precious to them, it never hurts to add something unique to their collection. Depending upon their favorite TV shows, movies, or cartoon characters, you can get customized glasses for your friend.

For a wine lover, you can get a Wine Bottle Glass that converts the entire bottle of 750 ml into a giant glass. Your friend can drink as much as they want without keeping a count on the number of glasses. It is ideal for people who love to have red wine every day, be it for their health or a casual party at home. For the beer lovers, you can get a handle that converts the beer can into a mug. You can also gift them a bottle loft that will allow them to stick the bottles to magnets in the fridge and save up plenty of space. If your friend is a whiskey lover who loves to enjoy the golden liquor neat, a whiskey wedge will help them keep the drink cool without watering it down.

2.       Personalised bottle opener

When it comes to essential things that every person who loves drinking must have, a bottle opener tops the list. There are many experts who like to collect unique bottle openers. Whether your friend has a collection or not, a personalised bottle opener can be a good addition to their home.

You can get a bottle opener with your friend’s name or initials engraved on it. To make it fun, you can add a funny quote or reference about your friendship. Your friend will always remember you, whenever they use the bottle opener to get a party started, whether you are there or not.


3.       Hangover tea

A hangover is part and parcel of a drinking night. Anyone who has had too many drinks at night and woke up the next morning with a bad hangover, knows the feeling.

To save your friend from the headache that comes after a night of partying and drinking, you can gift them a hangover tea. The refreshing tea will help them forget the embarrassing stories of last night and start the new day on the right notes. It can take care of the throbbing headache, sleepy eyes, and upset stomach as well.

4.       Booze inspired t-shirts

Another perfect gift is a t-shirt with a funny quote or pun about their favorite alcohol that your friend will proudly wear. You can either browse online to find quirky personalized t-shirts or buy a plain one and get it printed with a design of your choice. Be it a date night or a casual day-out with the group, your friend will make it a point to wear that t-shirt and stand out.

5.       Fun games for drinking nights

Almost every booze lover is also a part-time host who loves to throw parties every now and then. While they certainly have the alcohol section of the party taken care of, you can make it fun by gifting them some unique and fun games.

A spin the shot game can be ideal for the people who love playing spin the bottle. If your friend is the adventurous kind, you can gift them a floating beer pong table. They can throw the inflatable table in the pool and make the most of the hot summer days. Drinking card games with fun activities and tasks can also be an ideal gift.


Whether they prefer whiskey, or even beer, you can always gift a premium bottle of your friend’s favourite drink. Despite being a great gift, it is usually short-lived. If you want to give something different and that stays with your friend for a long time, you can pick any one idea from the list given above. End your gifting woes and buy the best gift for your friend that will surprise them at the party!



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