Reinvent yourself from top to toe with 7 beauty tips


Your hands and feet are the body parts you use the most. Taking care of them requires much more than just lotion. They need a good care regime to prevent infections and diseases like cancer.

There are seven super ways to take care of your hands and feet.

Check your nails

Small spots on your nails are quite common and nothing to be concerned about as long as they are white. They appear after an injury or from things like nail-biting.

If you see a dark spot, however, something brown, black, or purple, it could be something ominous. Those are an indicator of melanoma, which is the worst type of skin cancer. Check your nails frequently for dark spots, especially if it affects the cuticle.


The tops of your hands are always getting exposed to sunlight. The Skin Cancer Foundation says this can cause wrinkles, leathery skin, and those awful brown spots after prolonged exposure.

Don’t forget about those feet! People frequently wear shoes that do not fully cover the feet. It’s crucial to apply sunscreen to your hands and feet as a preventative measure.

Lotions and moisturisers

Without proper moisture, the skin on your hands and feet will get chapped, and if it is bad enough, they can develop painful cracks.

Being in shoes can dry feet out, while the sun lowers the natural moisturizing process on your hands. It is vital to moisturize well and often. The best hand cream is one that is water-based as the skin will absorb it quickly and not leave that greasy feeling, especially in the palms of your hands.


Exfoliating is a critical part of the skin-softening process. Regular exfoliation is vital to its ability to breathe and stay healthy. For feet, it is more of a priority since they get neglected, causing calluses and peeling skin.

If you have thick calluses or dead skin build-up, try soaking your feet in lemon juice. The citric acid will soften the calluses and dead skin, promoting a natural foot peel effect.


You can use a ridge filler as well as buffing. Do not rub too hard to avoid thinning out the nail too much. When you file nails, be sure to go in one direction, not back and forth, to prevent them from splitting.

If you get your mani-pedis done professionally, bring your tools like a file, cuticle stick, and clippers. Sharing nail tools can spread germs and fungus, promoting infection.

Paraffin wax treatments

Although paraffin wax treatments are most commonly associated with spas and beauty treatments, they can also be therapeutic. According to a hospital in Michigan, when applied to your hands or feet, the moist heat from the wax decreases stiffness and pain associated with osteoarthritis and loosens your joints. Opposed to the belief, you don’t need special equipment for this. A crockpot will do the same job as a fancy wax warmer, without the added cost.

DIY treatments

Are your hands irritated from washing them so frequently? Mix a small scoop of mashed potatoes with a splash of olive oil or milk. Apply to your hands and cover with plastic wrap for a calming sensation. Leave on for 15 minutes.

A grapefruit and rosemary scrub is a quick and easy home treatment to moisturise, exfoliate, and help your feet feel relaxed. With very few ingredients you have around your house like olive oil, grapefruit, and rosemary, your feet will feel soft, beautiful, and refreshed. But, it is quite alarming that at times, it is always wise to use branded beauty items.



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