How haircare is helping us through lockdown


As we adapt to another national lockdown, we can all safely say that being restricted to our homes impacts our lifestyles and buying habits. Without being able to socialise and enjoy our typical daily routine, our priorities naturally shift. As such, many of us have used lockdown as an opportunity to invest more heavily in self-care; the beauty industry is booming, self-love is an empowering topic that’s only gaining momentum and we’re taking better care of ourselves than ever before. Yes, many of us are spending our money on beauty products during lockdown – why not?! If self-care is helping us to feel more content, then this should be embraced.

The rising popularity of beauty products during lockdown is of little surprise. However, our preference is somewhat unexpected… the most popular products to fly off the shelves? All-things hair care. That’s right, lockdown has made us even more passionate about our locks… but what exactly are we doing to enrich our hair? Which products are defining beauty sales during lockdown? How is hair care really helping us? Fortunately, the experts are here to tell all.

Scentsational has been a leading provider of beauty and hair care products for over a decade. In lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic, they have seen their hair product sales rise by a whopping 28%, with these serums, sprays and blow-dry potions contributing to 46% of their overall sales, compared to just 18% in 2019. With demand increasing for bleach, semi-permanent hair colourants and moisturising creams, it seems that caring for our hair is allowing us to refresh our look, enhancing our self-confidence during what’s set to be a challenging few months. Meanwhile, with winter fast approaching we can’t protect our hair from the ravages of British weather quick enough!

To offer further insight into the power of haircare during lockdown, and the products we’re loving, Richard, Scentsational’s Managing Director, has shared their top sellers, including how these products are saving our hair – and sanity – during lockdown:

1.      Montibello’s Treat Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Montibello’s ‘Repair Active’ shampoo and conditioner serums are specially designed to intensively nourish, helping to restore the flexibility and shine of dry hair. Using high-quality ingredients, the set cleanses hair gently, restores the interocular cement and liquid barrier of hair fibres, provides heat protection and more.

Throughout lockdown our customers have been loving this product. With temperatures outside dropping, frost setting in and a trip to the hairdressers being a no-go, we have no option but to maintain not only the colour of our hair, but the quality of our hair ourselves. During winter, that means keeping it moisturised. Montibello’s range is a perfect solution.”

2.      Diva’s Professional Styling Intelligent Heat Argan Tong 32mm.

“Lockdown might be stopping us from going out and getting dressed up, but using this period as an opportunity to experiment with your look, and dress up regardless (even if it’s just for a Zoom call!), will help you to maintain some sense of normality. This also gives your self-esteem a little boost during an unprecedented, uncertain time.

As a result, we weren’t surprised to find that Diva’s intelligent heat argon tongs have been incredibly popular. As the wand is argon infused, it not only allows you to create bouncy curls, but it protects your hair at the same time. Your hair can remain smooth and glossy, leaving it feeling much healthier compared to using other heated styling wands. When things do return to normal, you don’t want dry, damaged hair, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with styling in the meantime! Diva’s hair tongs are completely risk-free, meaning you don’t have to regret your curls.”

3.      Olaplex’s Mega Bundle.

“Over recent months, amid the struggles of lockdown, we’ve all come to appreciate the importance of a self-care routine. Setting time aside for yourself each day is invaluable, helping you to feel centred and confident whilst you’re surrounded by chaos. Olaplex’s mega bundle has likely boomed in popularity for this reason alone; we’re now much more willing to spend longer caring for our hair, investing in a 5-stage process which nourishes your hair flawlessly.

This bundle includes a hair protector, bond maintenance shampoo, bond maintenance conditioner, bond smoother and bonding oil. They have been carefully created and selected to protect coloured hair, prevent breakage and split ends, eliminate frizz, provide heat protection and more. As we’re unable to pop for the salon for a quick trim, this kind of self-care is essential.”


It might seem a little strange to say that hair care is helping us through lockdown, but the impact of a comprehensive self-care routine, including rituals which promise to protect and improve your hair, really do leave us feeling more empowered, relaxed and confident. Whilst we isolate at home, we have a perfect opportunity to invest in ourselves; if nourished hair makes you feel more content, then now is the time to consider the products you’re using. After all, self-care is a reflection of self-love.

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