The History of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

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People think e-cigs were invented in 2003, and this is not so true. Actually, 1963 is the year of the invention of the e-cigarette. 

At that time, tobacco companies were trying to develop nicotine aerosol generation devices. After some years, the Chinese had developed most of the types of e-cigarettes. In today’s world, about 95% of e-cigs are made in china. 

Who invented first-time e-cigs?

Since 1963 tobacco companies have been trying to make e-cigs. But if we dive into the past, we may find some different stories too. In 1927, Robinson used vape as a medicinal compound. At that time, vaping wasn’t popular, not even on the market. A patent was inhaled that e-cig in 1930. In 1934-1936, some other patients tried out this product but remembered that e-cigs were not on the market. 

First-generation of E-cigarettes

A Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik, who worked for a ginseng product company, is the founder of first-generation e-cigs. He invented modern e-cigarettes. Though tobacco companies were developing nicotine aerosol, they couldn’t succeed at that time. Because of smoking, Hon Lik’s father died of lung cancer, and that time he quit smoking. After a long time, he invented the first generation E-cigarette. 

Revolution of E-cigarettes

  • In 1927, Joseph Robinson applied e-cigs as a treatment to a patient
  • Since 1963, some tobacco company started research on nicotine aerosol
  • In 1963, American Herbert A. Gilbert applied E-cig on a patient
  • Hon Lik registered E-cig patent in 2003
  • First introduced E-cigs in 2004 in the Chinese domestic market
  • In 2006-2007, e-cigs encroached the European and US market
  • In 2008, British entrepreneurs Umer and Tariq Sheikh launched their Gamucci brand (e-cig brand)
  • Ted and Matt introduced Mod instead of the e-cigarette case. 
  • After 2012, e-cigs built up its market and updated itself day by day.

A detailed history of E-Cigarettes

In 2003, Hon registered a patent for using E-cigarette. But that time, e-cigs were made of cases. This was the first time when e-cigs arrived on the local market. E-cigs were sold in the Chinese market at that time. By the internet, many small firms were selling these products on the US market. In 2007, Ruyan ( vape company) started exporting e-cigs to China worldwide. 

But Hon didn’t receive many rewards because his product was copied illegally by some US and Chinese e-cig companies. 

After some years, consumers realized they didn’t find the expected performance from the vape. For this reason, Umer and Tariq Sheikh invented a mechanism for heating coils. They launched their Gamucci brand, and they succeeded in their project. At that time, consumers tested their products and were satisfied with the taste. By wicking material built, Clearomizer was invented in 2009. People could control their liquid level by the clearomizer. This feature impressed the consumers. At that time, the clearomizer and eGo batteries were the best products in the market.

From 2012 to now, we found many upgrades and the strongest vapes in our local market. China is the key selling point of vape. We have seen many types of e-liquid revolution also. Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, toxins, etc we found in the e-cigs. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the vape is a significant change for smokers. Chain smokers are the real users of the vape. They benefited from e-cigs for the lower amount of nicotine. 

Imperial Tobacco Company, British American Tobacco, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International are the most popular brands of e-cig. They provide a new face of vape. Chainsmokers found a good alternative to traditional cigarettes. Nowadays, e-cigs are widely available around you. If you want good quality E-cigarettes you can check them here. Otherwise, you can go to your nearest vape shop to buy a good quality mod. 


The history of vaping started in China and spread over the world. Those products are not very ancient but adventurous. Consumers are still confused about their safety. But we can say it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But the noticeable matter is, this product was invented for a patient who had suffered from lung disease. For this reason, we can say it is a right product for chain smokers. Our responsibility is to describe the history of vape and e-cigarettes, but smoking or not is your personal preference.

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