Top party ideas for 2021


We humans love to party, and will use almost any occasion as an excuse to let our hair down and get together with friends and family, and hopefully 2021 will be no different. We can have a party for a birthday, anniversary, college graduation or simply because we feel like it – who needs a reason when parties are their own reward? Here are some of the top party ideas for 2021 that you can get plotting and hopefully enjoy very soon!

Indoor – but not at home

Hosting a party at home is very stressful, especially if it is a more informal event when you do not know all of the guests. Sometimes people can be careless of the property of others, and you do not want to have your treasures broken, stained or otherwise spoiled by careless or uncaring strangers.

Hiring a venue such as a community centre hall can often be an excellent solution. Some have tables and chairs, as well as cutlery and crockery that you can use as part of the hiring fee, while for others you may have to employ a catering service to provide not only these items, but also the food and drink that will be consumed.


Still keeping your guests at a distance, but closer to home would be to hire a marquee in which to host the party. You can hire heavy duty electrical wiring that will keep the party going with light, heat and neon strobes, even when it is raining outside, and, again, catering companies can make sure that your guests have everything that they need to have a good time. In warmer seasons, you can team these outdoor parties with a swimming pool party that are sure to be popular with guests of almost all ages, no matter the occasion.

Party bus

A relative newcomer to the party venue list is the party bus which is both transport and party destination in one! Party buses are surprisingly large, capable of carrying up to fifty guests, and beautifully appointed inside, with super-soft luxury upholstery, cunning lighting that disguises the shape and size of the bus, making it appear more spacious and welcoming, as well as looking rather like the latest trendy nightclub! Party buses are large enough to contain a small, but comprehensive bar, a dance floor, and even dance poles, and some can even offer the privacy of a VIP room tucked away in the back. And, of course, the beauty of a party bus is that you can use it as its primary purpose too – to get from nightclub to food court to private residence as desired. Party bus drivers will stay with the bus for the duration of the contract, and will be able to get you about as desired, without needing to wait for a fleet of taxis or fretting about who will be driving and whether they have had a drink or not. Check out the best party bus rental NJ before deciding which is the best option for your party.

No matter if your party is a sombre and elegant anniversary or a joyous and drunken birthday, whether it is themed or fancy dress or come as you are, the above ideas can help you get started with planning your event. Here’s hoping that COVID restrictions will be lifted shortly so that everyone can get back to partying at their very best!



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