Unrequited Love: What To Do If Your Feelings Are Not Reciprocal

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Non-reciprocal love can both inspire and drive into depression. In some cases, unrequited feelings turn into a real addiction. It is not easy for a person (especially at the very beginning of the formation of affection) to understand how to behave if there is no chance of reciprocity. Not only insecure personalities and young girls suffer from love experiences, but also mature and self-sufficient adults. 

  1. Avoid unnecessary interactions

You were struck by a deadly virus, and only the woman you are in love with has medicine – this is the right interaction and a good reason to meet with the object of affection. In other cases, she doesn’t have to appear in your life. If you have managed to fall in love with a colleague, and you can’t help but see each other, then just distance yourself. Be friendly, but not too friendly. Try to reduce emotional attachment. 

  1. Don’t follow her on social networks

When you find single women online and have non-reciprocal feelings to one of them, it is not necessary to delete her from friends, but try to pay less attention to her updates. Save emotions for events more important than Internet stalking. Viewing her page can be useful only in one case: convince that it’s all right with the girl, she has a good life without you. So, put aside your smartphone and start a normal life. Be proud, after all. 

  1. Be distracted

The most worthless thing that can be done in case of unrequited love is to remain friends. Rejected people themselves ask for a friend zone to preserve the illusion of at least some kind of relationship. In fact, as long as you have romantic feelings, the friendship will only aggravate your state. There is no cure for unrequited love, but there is a universal way to survive bad times. Do something new, take a trip, get more work. If you’re ready, go on dates. 

  1. Don’t hope

The most meaningless in this case is hope and the desire to return feelings. It is incredibly difficult to follow this rule, but you will understand that it is the only real way out: you shouldn’t humiliate yourself if a woman rejects you, ignores you, and avoids you. This refers to intrusive calls, excessive attention, and attempts to meet again. Yes, it is very hard to implement, but you have to contribute to it by all means, finding in yourself all the willpower that is possible. 

  1. Remember that almost everyone faced this situation at a certain stage

It will pass. However, you will always remember how you behave. Try to prove yourself with dignity, so that when this passes (which is inevitable) you shouldn’t be ashamed of weak will. Share your sufferings with a friend, a mother or a psychologist, but not to the person to whom you are indifferent. 

  1. Continue to live a daily life

Don’t give yourself time for suffering. Physical activity will help you deal with the pain of non-reciprocal love. Take care of household chores, for example, arrange general cleaning, help relatives and friends in some important business. You will cope with your “addiction” if you continue to live in spite of mental anguish. Sooner or later you will get used to it and then you will see some positive moments and finally free yourself from the shackles of unrequited love. 

  1. If feelings don’t fade, consult a therapist

Not everyone can cope with moral torment on their own because of unrequited love. If you continue to suffer despite the efforts made, and the future is seen only in black, don’t sit idly by, but make an appointment with a psychotherapist. A specialist will help you find the roots of your problem, sort out what is happening, and look at the situation from the side. 

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