Top tips for minimalist decor


A minimalist design can work well for homes, allowing your favourite pieces of furniture or decor to really shine, without overwhelming your space with clutter. But how can you make a chic minimalist style really work for your decor?

Choose a neutral colour palette

Too many colours can make your rooms feel a lot more cluttered. This doesn’t mean that you need to choose beige or white and stick to it. There are plenty of good options that still feel minimal, such as soft grey or cappuccino coloured chairs or a sofa. 

Pick timeless pieces

Choose pieces that aren’t too trend-led so they will look chic for a long time. A comfortable, brown leather sofa or a vintage coffee table can act as a successful anchor for a sparse space. 


The key to minimalism is the ability to edit. This can be on of the hardest parts of decorating. If you’re decorating a space that you already live in, take everything out, and only put back what you actually need. Leave some space between the objects that you do put back to make the area feel a bit larger. 

Use texture

Some texture can help to add some depth to an otherwise plain space. A crystal chandelier or an interestingly carved headboard will add some interest to a neutral room. 

Clean lines

Keep the lines of your furniture simple. Mid-century modern furniture works well for this. Look for pieces that have classic edges, such as one of the famous Eames or Flag Haylard chairs. 

Lighting is key

Get your lighting right. You can brighten up your room with some sconces, candles, and some other lighting. If your room is naturally dark, make the most of any natural light you do get by choosing thin linen window treatments, and making sure they don’t block the windows too much when they’re open. The more light you can get in the better. 

Warm up the room

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean cold. Warm up your rooms with some cosy textiles. A cosy mohair blanket or a sheepskin rug adds a layer of texture that will warm up a bare space and add some more interest. This is especially good to do if you live in a colder climate. 

Slatted walls

This is another great way to add texture. Scandinavian design often makes use of slatted walls. Slatted walls are sleek and look rustic. You can create the feeling of living in a luxurious cabin. For an easy way to create this look, you can use vox wall panels

Monochrome artwork

Collect pieces like simple black and white photographs and artwork, and some decor pieces, like statues in a dark metal. The best way to do this is to build your collection slowly over time. Don’t follow the rules of hanging art either. Putting a large black and white piece on the floor next to the sofa can add some visual interest in a stylish way, for example. 


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