Top 7 Wall Decoration Ideas in the 21st Century


Who doesn’t get fascinated by a home with the trendiest wall design? A stark and bare (if you’re honest, boring) wall should have no place in your home. Interestingly, people will always thirst for a popular home design. Those empty walls are full of possibilities, and a few additions can make your house feel like a rosy palace. 

If you’re prepared to turn those bare walls into an eye-catching piece, keep reading! Irrespective of your style and taste, the tricks are available for you to excite your walls and bring out your personality and taste. 

It doesn’t matter if you love nature or you’re a book lover, you can treat your walls with those things you admire. Read on as you uncover the top wall décor ideas in the 21st century that can add style to your home.

1. Use Mirrors

If you don’t know the magic a mirror can do, it will make your room appear bigger and create brightness to the corners of your room. When you choose a mirror with a carved frame, it will create decorative interest on the wall. 

Besides, a mirror can transform your simple corner into a show-stopping moment. Mirror gives your wall a sense of movement and also reflects light. Therefore, ensure to hang a large mirror, or you can introduce the smaller pieces salon-style.

2. Enchanting Murals

Allow your walls to take you around by adding a mural. The motif will have a huge effect whether you paint or you choose a wall covering. In addition, tall and staggering walls will make an ideal canvas for decorative painters to perform their magic. 

However, choosing a subject for your painting can seem tricky, but you can look at your surroundings for inspiration. 

3. Large-scale Wall Art.

Hanging a very large painting or any photograph in your home will create attention in your home. For example, you may choose a black and white photo in a small room or add color with excellent space.

 Also, you can add your children’s art and try as much as possible to frame the amazing works for a personal and unique gallery wall. For instance, you can place your kid’s artwork around the breakfast banquette. Feel free to check out several amazing wall arts at reputable sources like ElephantStock store

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4. Add a Gallery Wall

Nothing brings personality and color to your home like an amazing gallery wall. You can showcase different kinds of wall art, photographs or add wall hangings. Furthermore, you can use simple and large frames, and they will add more color to your space. Also, ensure to show love to your ceiling by extending the gallery wall to the ceiling.

5. Add a Large Wall Calendar 

This is another decoration idea in the 21st century. Ensure to hang an oversized wall calendar in your space. A calendar works especially well on your kitchen wall. You will be able to keep a record of your upcoming events or past events. Getting a bright and bold calendar will create a modern look for your wall and add more color to your space.

6. Add an Accent Wall with Removable Wallpaper

 Who says you have to hang anything? You can make the whole damn wall a feature with just some awesome removable wallpaper. Also, you can add patterns using wallpaper or other decorative painting methods. Remember transforming your ceiling, too, during this process. 

These decorative accents will have a huge effect on your space. It will bring more life to your room. The great amount of absolutely amazing patterns you can get in this 21st century is wonderful. Your job is to measure your wall, get your rolls and hang away.

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7. Hang Plates and Baskets

In this 21st century, why do you choose to hide your fine china cabinets when you can show them off? Use wire hangers to showcase your best dishes as well as serving platters. Moreover, if you have different kinds of the design object, this is the right choice to have the wall décor of your dream.

In addition, hanging baskets on the wall has become a popular thing in every home in this 21st century. Usually, this works best if the baskets look round and fairly shallow. Besides, you can create some interesting installations using these ideas. It will perform a wonder by occupying those blank spaces in your home.

Final Thought

Beautifying your walls can be confusing and filled with hassle. However, with the décor ideas given above, you will find it easier than ever. You should be able to adopt many of these décor ideas and turn your home into a palace.

 Besides, you don’t need to be an art collector to fill those blank walls you have painted in your space. This is also the best time for you to call upon a decorative artist to create a piece that will compete in this 21st century. 

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