Where do the world’s most privileged people live?


Each day is ringing in new changes all across the globe. While some are good, there are numerous bad episodes too. The past two years have taught us that no one is safe despite the privileges of status or citizenship.

Covid-19 changed the global leaders and front runners. Many nations rose to the occasion and challenged the world ranking with their handling of the pandemic. What we knew before 2020 became obsolete data.

Amidst the chaos and crisis, new studies were conducted worldwide, and many prepositions were put forward to revamp the data about the world’s most privileged people.

The fields of investigations –

The data collected from here led to the creation of the final ranking of the most privileged people in the world. The five main criteria included:

  • Health – Based on a few core points like life expectancy, air quality, social bonding, and more, the health conditions of numerous nations were studied.

  • Finance – The business sector is vital to any economy. Work opportunities, minimum wage, and more were studied for this category.

  • Opportunities – This mainly delved deeper into a country’s work environment, income disparity and employment ratio, and GDP per capita.

  • Freedom – The ability to live freely and speak your mind is not a privilege that everyone enjoys. There are nations where the government decides what to wear, what haircut to choose, or even what to name a newborn baby. Freedom of speech and thought is a rare gift to a far fewer number of countries on the global list.

The top 10 most privileged countries of the world

The most privileged individuals and their countries not only have a better quality of life—they are also much stronger financially and in terms of health.Here is the list of the top 10 most privileged people of the world as per this year’s data in no specific ranking order.

  1. Canada
  2. Norway
  3. Germany
  4. Denmark
  5. Iceland
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Switzerland
  8. Finland
  9. Netherland
  10. Sweden

Low crime rate, a great work life balance, and good minimum wages are some of the common positive attributes that all of these top 10 most privileged nations of the world share.

The fluctuations of results

IFrom natural disasters to political disputes, many contributing factors can change the fate of people within days.

What may seem like the luckiest nation may not remain in the ranking next year. Appreciating it while it lasts is what matters.

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