WoodWatch launches elegant jewellery made from unique materials

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WoodWatch, the lifestyle brand for wooden watches, gifts and accessories, has launched its first jewellery collection, made from the brand’s signature wood details mixed with traditional metals. The new jewellery line comprises stylish classics with a modern twist. With this new line of fine jewellery, the brand aims to show it’s possible to create timeless jewellery from unique materials.
“The combination of wood and traditional metals aligns with our mission to inspire people to embrace nature back into their daily lives,” states Jeroen Westerbeek, Co-founder at WoodWatch. “We aimed to pare the pieces down to the essential elements; simple yet stylish designs as timeless as the materials themselves. In addition, the natural patterns, colours, and textures of wood will allow people to feel like they are wearing something truly unique.”
The WoodWatch jewellery collection will initially offer 6 styles in 120 variations and finishes, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The materials used for the pieces originate from wood types, responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests, as well as marble and metal. “I feel very connected to our environment and was inspired by the shapes and patterns found in nature to design this collection,” said Tatiana Susich, Product Designer. “Using pure, renewable resources to create these luxury jewellery pieces was our goal.”
Each piece is thoughtfully wrapped in reusable eco-friendly packaging made from wood, ideal for gifting. “We do things differently here at WoodWatch. Our intricate design process and unique materials allow more people to make conscious choices in what they wear and gift to others,” said Kevin van der Veer, Co-founder at WoodWatch. “We’re so excited to go into a new direction with our products and amplify our mission of a more sustainable world even further.”
The WoodWatch jewellery collection is available for purchase online from September 28, 2021. For more information about the new collection, visit WoodWatch.com and follow @WoodWatch on Instagram.
About WoodWatchWoodWatch is a lifestyle brand born out of love for the planet, natural materials and beautiful design. Every WoodWatch purchase serves a purpose: planting one million trees before 2025. With over 300,000 trees planted to date, the company strives to become an example for other brands to support the planet and show that quality design can go hand in hand with sustainability. For more information, visit WoodWatch.com or follow on Instagram @WoodWatch.


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