Improving Client Relationships in Beauty Industry: 7 Tips


A beauty business is unlikely to survive if it has poor client relationships. It might come as a bit of a surprise, but quite a few people treat beauty salons not just as a means to get their hair, nails, or make-up done, but also as a place where they can relax.

A good atmosphere stems from top-notch customer service, and it is important to ensure that both new and regular visitors feel welcomed. 

If your beauty salon still has a lot of room for improvement in its client relationship management, consider these seven tips that are bound to lead to happier customers.

#1 – Make Booking Easier for Your Clients

Let’s start with a flexible booking strategy. It is true that some people like to visit a beauty salon in person to book their appointment. Others make a phone call and arrange details this way.

However, both of these approaches have some drawbacks. For one, unexpected calls and visits disrupt beauticians’ work. Moreover, it is not like you can expect a beautician to pick up the phone or be in the salon all the time.

It would make sense to find a solution that satisfied both parties. More beauticians should use Watalook app to schedule appointments with clients. 

The application lets beauticians create personal pages with the details, including the services they offer and the schedule they have. Clients can visit the page and book an appointment hassle-free.

#2 – Offer Flexible Work Hours

Flexible work hours are a bit tricky because you cannot force employees to stay at work too late. In addition, it would not make too much sense to start too early or finish too late because the number of clients is unlikely to justify such a schedule.

The flexibility should be related precisely to what customers are like. Find a timeframe that works the most for your clients. Also, if possible, try to work on the weekends to accommodate some people.

Finally, if someone is late to their appointment, taking the extra mile and staying up a bit later to provide them with services would also show how much a salon cares for its customers.

#3 – Make Sure Staff Has the Necessary Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are often underrated, though that should never be the case in a job where you have to interact with customers. Sure, some beauticians, particularly when they are still inexperienced, might lack the confidence to feel comfortable around every client, but developing the required skills is still a must.

Not knowing how to approach different customers will make them feel uncomfortable, and some clients might even consider looking for a new salon.

From determining whether a customer is a chatty or quiet type to greeting everyone politely and smiling, interpersonal skills are one of the foundations for a strong relationship between a beauty business and its customers.

#4 – Share Knowledge With the Clients

Showing knowledge builds authority and trust, but there is more. If a client asks for a recommendation directly from a beautician, it is a great opportunity to boost the relationship. Even if the question is related to a simple thing, such as a product recommendation or a hairstyle that would look good on them, a beautician should make the most out of their expertise to make the customer happy.

#5 – Seek Feedback From Both the Clients and Your Staff

Regular feedback should also be part of the strategy. Customers who have ideas to share should be encouraged to do so. If some customers are uncomfortable providing feedback in person, a beauty salon could create a social media platform or a dedicated email inbox to receive ideas from customers.

As for the feedback from the staff, managers should take note of suggestions that their employees have. As a manager, you are unlikely to cover all the areas, so missing something important is a possibility. Thus, be sure to take suggestions from the staff as well.

#6 – Stay in Touch With the Customers

Staying in touch with customers can be difficult, particularly if you have many who do not use emails and other modern technology. For tech-savvy customers, you can send them emails or text messages using automation tools. 

On the other hand, some of the older customers are left out of the equation, so if possible, show them extra attention when they visit the salon.

#7 – Follow the Latest Industry Trends

Keeping up with the latest industry trends is another method worth a shout. If you establish a modern approach to offering products, services, and other aspects of the beauty business, you can expect happier customers who are more likely to share their positive experiences with their friends and family.

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