How to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee as a Business


The Platinum Jubilee is a time for national celebration and will soon be upon us. There will be many events taking place in London and across the country, not to mention many local gatherings and street parties to be enjoyed. Many businesses also want to get in on the fun, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Whether your business is open during the Bank Holiday or not, there are plenty of ways to get into the spirit of things and involve your staff and your customers. If you are not sure where to start, then look no further as we have taken a look at some of the best ways that your business can embrace the Jubilee in a way that is fitting and enjoyable.

What is the Platinum Jubilee?

The Royal Jubilee celebrates how long the monarch has been on the throne, and this Platinum Jubilee is historic, as Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to reach this incredible milestone. On 2nd June 2022, the Queen will celebrate 70 years on the throne, and there is an extra bank holiday to make sure that everyone can join in the party.

This four-day weekend will include beacons being lit throughout the country, a huge show combining pomp and ceremony with cutting edge displays and even a new pudding will be invented for the occasion.

The celebrations are set to be massive and have been designed to help bring the country together, particularly after such a turbulent few years. It is a fantastic time to celebrate everything that Her Majesty has achieved during her reign and restore a sense of community within her public now that we can finally get together again.

Getting involved

A lot of businesses are now looking at how they can become part of the Jubilee celebrations. This is not just for commercial reasons, but also to show their respect for the Queen and to allow staff and customers to get into the spirit of things.

This can be done to varying degrees of scale, whether it is hanging up bunting or hosting your own tea party. There are lots of ideas on how to get involved, so take a look at what suits your business and how you can make it work.

Street parties

Street parties have been a feature of Jubilee celebrations for a long time, and they are being actively encouraged this year. You could look at setting one up in your street or business park and getting everyone around you involved.

Alternatively, you could lend a hand to an existing street party by sponsoring some of the provisions or encouraging staff to get baking for it. If you do decide to host a street party, you must make sure that you have permission from the local authorities or landowners as temporary road closures might be necessary.

However, it is legal for anyone to hold a street party from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June, you will just need to fill in a government application form and temporary events notice if you intend to play loud music or sell alcohol. Once your permission is granted, you can start inviting your guests.


The idea of creating commemorative souvenirs for royal events such as jubilees and weddings actually started three centuries ago. These have often taken the form of coins, stamps and ceramics but now stretch to teddy bears and tea towels. You can include a Jubilee souvenir to your range of products as well, just remember to make sure that you have the rights to use the imagery that you pick.

Fancy food

Whether you are having a street party, celebrating at work or retailing, some British classics should definitely be on the menu. You could choose foods with a red, white and blue theme, or include Union Flag decorations on top of your cupcakes, or choose to go fully bespoke with personalised Queen’s Jubilee chocolate.

If you want to invoke a sense of history, you could serve the lemon posset that was on the menu for the Queen’s wedding to Prince Philip. Alternatively, you could opt for some quintessentially British cuisine such as a Victoria sponge, fish and chips or some coronation chicken – just remember to be aware of any intolerances or allergies.

All of this could be washed down with a nice glass of Pimms, a gin and tonic or a cup of tea, of course. It is important to remember that it is fine to serve alcohol for free, as long as it is to adults, but you will require special permits if you intend to sell it. A nice non-alcoholic punch can be a fun and refreshing alternative.

Be decorative

Even if you are not getting involved in any events, you can still decorate your business to fit in with the celebrations. Bunting is sure to be a favourite, and it can be displayed inside or outside for an instant hit of fun and patriotism. You can also invest in some flags, ribbons or even window stickers. Red, white and blue is the obvious theme, but don’t forget that as it is a royal occasion, purple and gold will add a regal twist to anything.

In addition to decorations on walls or around doors, you can also have fun with paper plates, cups and napkins as well as pinwheels and door bows.

Garden party

If you wanted to celebrate in a way that doesn’t take over the whole street, you could hold a garden party instead. This still incorporates the royal theme but allows for things to be a little more intimate and won’t require the same permits and restrictions. The only thing you will need to worry about is the weather!

However your business chooses to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, remember to have lots of fun with it. Involve your staff to gather ideas and get stuck in and they will feel much more a part of things. It is a day that the whole country will be getting behind so let your imagination run riot.

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