EBike Safety 101


Electric bikes have emerged as one of the most popular innovations in the bicycle world, and many proponents say that they’re safer than their mechanical counterparts. There’s not enough data to definitively confirm this — or confirm the opposite — but it’s clear that eBike riders need to exercise the same level of caution that traditional bicyclists employ. Failure to do so can result in an increased risk of injury. Find out about the principles of basic safety basic you need to know if you’re riding an electric low step bike — or any other kind of eBike.

Biking Reminders for Children to Seniors

Biking can be dangerous for anybody if you don’t follow the essential safety guidelines, but it’s true that children and seniors may be at an even greater risk. This is because younger and older riders may lack the stability and coordination that’s required to prevent falls while biking. In order to minimize this risk, riders of all ages should establish a steady pace while biking, be on the lookout for obstacles in the road, and ensure that they’re riding the right bike. For bicyclists who are particularly balance-challenged, an electric trike can be a great — and safe — solution.

Trikes are ideal for older and younger riders because they eliminate the risk of tipping over that can exist for a standard bike. Although tipping over might not seem like a major hazard, it can result in serious injuries — and it makes biking a stressful endeavor rather than a fun one. You can reduce the potential for injury by investing in a trike and adhering to the rules of the road. Remember that you should always wear a helmet, check your bike (or trike) before going on a ride, and wear clothing that will make you immediately visible to others on the road.

Bike Fittings Are a Must

One of the most common risk factors for older and younger bicyclists is a bike that’s simply not the right size. Although bikes are commonly treated as a one-size-fits-all product, every rider has a unique physique and thus should have a bike that’s fitted to their body. An ill-fitted bike may force you to overextend your legs and arms — or if it’s too small, you might find yourself hunching over uncomfortably. The best solution to this problem is to invest in a bike fitting for your women’s comfort bike with gears.

An electric bike fitting simply entails taking measurements of your body — your height and the length of your limbs, specifically — and finding the bike that’s best suited to your physique. Riding a bike that’s too big or too small can be a majorly uncomfortable experience, but more importantly, it can be a safety risk, too. You can ensure that you’re safe and comfortable by investing in a bike that’s perfectly fitted to your body. Anything less can put you at risk of injury from sprains, strains, and overextension. Find the electric bike that’s right for you so that your risk of injury is minimized.

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