Caesar’s On Course For Opening Temporary Casino In Danville, Virginia


Caesars intends to construct a temporary casino in Danville before its permanent casino, although the specifics have not yet been disclosed. Caesars’ president and chief operating officer, Anthony Carano, stated, “We plan to open temporary casinos in Danville, Virginia, and Columbus, Nebraska by the middle of 2023.”

The language in the vote that approved the casino was particular to the Schoolfield site. Still, there were no suggestions about where the casino would be located as per the online casino review.

A temporary casino has already sprouted in the former Belk’s store in a Bristol, Virginia, retail mall. A new casino has been approved for construction in Norfolk, Virginia, and will open in the middle of 2023. The temporary casino will be constructed in a massive parking lot adjacent to the AAA minor league baseball facility.

The Temporary Casino

On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, Caesars Entertainment Corporation had a conference call for investors and financial analysts. On this call, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, Anthony Carano, discussed plans for development around the country and stated, 

“We also expect to announce our expanded casino product in Pompano in December. We want to open temporary casinos in Danville, Virginia, and Columbus, Nebraska, by the middle of the year. 

We anticipate the expansion of Harrah’s Hoosier Park to be completed by the middle of 2023. The new hotel tower and additional facilities at our New Orleans location are progressing well. Recently, a new sportsbook and poker room debuted.”

Last year, the area witnessed the new Caesars casino for the first time in Danville. Representatives of the corporation traveled to Danville to discuss the idea with locals.

Danville will not see many more sunsets over the old Schoolfield location. In a few weeks, some structures and site features will be demolished. Robert Livingston, senior vice president of Caesars, and his team met with the community to discuss their ambitious intentions.

“The objective of this discussion was to ensure that we are listening to the public and those who truly understand the significance of the site and that the design incorporates their feedback,” Livingston explained.

This year, Caesars Entertainment executives discussed the intentions three times during a Tuesday call with investors to discuss third-quarter earnings.

Caesars’ President and Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Carano, also discussed the company’s objectives for the temporary casinos in multiple locations.

When Livingston spoke with the locals, the casino’s full design was not yet available, but the residents could see glimpses of what the architects had in mind. The water tower and the completed structure will be demolished, but Caesars says it will honor Danville with a world-class venue. 

Several individuals concurred that the design should incorporate portions of the city’s historically significant industrial location and reflect the company’s story.

The casino will also have a 500-room hotel, 1,300 slot machines, 85 live gaming tables, 24 electronic table games, a World Series of Poker-branded live poker room, and Caesar’s sports book. It will also feature a spa with complete amenities, a pool, bars, a 2,500-person entertainment arena, and 40,000 square feet of meeting and convention space.

More Expansions

Caesars Entertainment claims the casino will have over 1,400 slot machines and table games, a Caesars Sportsbook, and a WSOP Poker Room with 25 tables. The WSOP Poker Room is named after the world-renowned World Series of Poker and embodies its essence.

There will be 40,000 square feet of area for meetings and conventions and 2,500 seats for entertainment. In addition, there will be restaurants and bars. There will be 900 construction jobs and 1,300 operating jobs.

Bristol, Virginia, intends to construct a casino as November 2020 voters passed a similar ballot item.

The temporary Bristol has already generated more revenue than anticipated, and the agreement between Caesars Virginia and the City of Danville stipulates that Caesars Virginia must pay at least $5 million to the city in September 2023, and maybe more depending on its gaming revenue.

It will be intriguing to watch what additional details emerge.

The temporary area in Bristol is around 30,000 square feet in size, which is comparable to a warehouse. The convention center at Caesars, Virginia, is anticipated to be 40,000 square feet, so any interim location will merely preview the ultimate casino once it opens.

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