Seven Things You Can Do As You Travel To Qatar


Qatar is a beautiful country to visit, and with the World Cup around the corner, you’ll never miss the FIFA World Cup standings. Qatar is one of the global tourist destinations. Qatar boasts good beaches, architecture, great dishes, and exhibits that attract international tourists.

If you have scheduled to travel but are unsure where to, why not explore the gulf country? 

Here are seven things you can do on your travel to Qatar.

1. Visit and Shop at Souq Waqif Market

Souq Waqif is an Arabic name meaning the standing market. It’s a traditional open-air market dating back a hundred years, but they renovated the original building in 2006. Souq Waqif market is a destination for tourists, locals, and ex-pats.

The market contains various things, including spices, fresh produce, traditional garments, souvenirs, Handicrafts, Designer products, and diamonds.

Street performances and dancing are also popular in the area and a delight to see.

2. Tour the Museum of Islamic Art

If you love works of art, the Museum of Islamic Art is one place you wouldn’t like to miss while traveling to Qatar. The museum boasts of the world’s significant collections of artifacts in the Middle east, some dating over 1400 years.

The museum design itself is an amazing work of art. It’s one of a kind, and although it’s still modern, its design includes geometric patterns influenced by Islamic architecture. 

The museum collection includes ceramics, textiles, and manuscripts from various countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Central Asia, and Spain.

3. Kayaking Across Al Thakira Mangroves

Ai Thakira mangroves is a historic spot in Qatar. It’s a large area containing water and tall trees whose leaves float on the water’s surface. It’s fascinating how the trees survive, considering the harsh conditions in the area. 

It’s filled with flamingos and herons, which migrate to the region.

For the best experience in AI Thakira mangroves, hire a kayak to take you around and experience the unique feel through the mangroves. Watch how the pencil roots of the trees shoot up the ground and grow beyond their average size. 

Watching tiny fish confined on the surface, waiting for tides to take them back to the sea, would also fascinate you.

4. Go Dune Bashing

Love desert safaris? Venture into dune bashing in your travel to Qatar and have the thrill of your lifetime. It’s a spectacular event as experienced drivers drive you across the desert and steep dunes.

And the best part? You can spend a night in Arabian tents or pitch your own and enjoy sleeping under the stars. It’s a grand adventure as you also get to enjoy local food. 

5. Explore the Katara Cultural Village

Katara cultural village is the home of Qatar’s culture and art scene. The village has many passages and waterways, making it ideal for filmmakers, artists, and photographers.

Katara cultural village has many places to explore, including an Opera house, Amphitheatre, Multi-purpose cinema, and a souq.

Katara also hosts many cultural organizations, including a visual art center and a film institute for local filmmakers.  

6. Visit the Shopping Malls

Qatar has many fancy shopping malls. So if you are a person who loves shopping, Qatar is the shopping paradise for you. 

Venetian-inspired Villaggio Mall is the most famous mall in Doha. The Gondola ride within the mall heightens the Venetian experience. The mall has food chains, an IMAX cinema, an ice skating rink, and a 4D theater.

Doha festival city is another mall and the largest place for fashion, dining, and entertainment in Qatar. The mall has a gaming hub, sports arena, VOX cinema, and escape rooms. It’s a popular hangout for singles and groups.

Other malls in Doha include City Centre Mall, Lagoona Mall, Tawar Mall, Al Khor mall, and many more. You can explore them for fun or choose whichever fits your budget or is the most fascinating.

7. Explore a World of Horses

Al Shaqab equestrian center is worth visiting if you love horses. Unlike other standard stables, the center has amazing waterfalls and canals, glowing spa facilities, and well-pruned trees. It’s a haven to behold.

Al Shaqab has 700 or more Arabian horses, from newborns to reigning champions. 

The facility has an Equine Exercise Center for the horse, comprising a treadmill, swimming pool, a horse-walker, and a Jacuzzi. Guests are taken on a tour of the exercise center to see horses running in the pool or exercising on the treadmills.


Qatar is an amazing place to travel, and the activities there are endless. You can never get bored. If you are planning to travel to Qatar and don’t know where to visit, you can start packing, as a great adventure awaits you.

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