A High Maintenance Girls Guide To Backpacking 


If you put Blair Waldorf and Katniss Evergreen on a backpacking trip together we would undoubtedly see differences in how they cope, considering Blair is a little more high-maintenance than Katniss. As a high-maintenance girl myself, I admire and envy people like Katniss. Being able to plan your travel with minimal packing, no worries about lashes, makeup, or false tan. 

Unfortunately for me, there is no chance I will ever succumb to being anywhere near as easy as that, so I’ve developed many tricks and hacks to cope with my high demand. Being high maintenance whilst also being adventurous and ‘living life to the fullest’ can be very difficult without the right approach. So, if going on a backpacking trip without your lash tech and sunbed is extremely daunting for you, then here’s a guide to surviving in the cosmetic-free world. 

Clothes Packing

Reminder, backpacking is probably not going to be a trip for hundreds of outfits. Especially with backpacking, it is essential to keep all your items as light and efficient as possible. Deciding which outfits will give you the best comfort for your trip whilst also looking presentable can be quite difficult, but surprisingly items such as little black dresses can be very efficient. For backpacking, items such as gym leggings and sports shorts are lifesavers for daily use. 

Women’s gym wear is perfect for a high-maintenance girl whilst travelling, as not only does it provide comfort, but you also look picture-ready. So make sure you take a fair amount of activewear, as activewear not only provides sustainability for your trip but also keeps your bag light. Although it is a priority to keep the weight as light as possible, some must-haves for your backpacking trip may be a little heavier. 

A high-maintenance girl also needs her beauty sleep, so staying warm and comfy at night is a necessity. Bringing a full tracksuit is a perfect way of staying warm and comfy at night whilst also giving the ability to wear the piece at other times, for example in the day if it gets cold. Pyjamas are usually a little inconvenient, they may be cute but you can only wear them when you are going to sleep. So save space and pack efficiently by replacing your pajamas with tracksuits for the trip! Although, looking cute during backpacking isn’t always off the cards. Small bodycon dresses tend to be light and breathable, so packing something along these lines is surprisingly very efficient for those hot days by the beach or when you’re chilling to keep cool. 

Hair Styles

Hair during long trips like backpacking can be quite the obstacle to tackle, whether it’s grease, knots, frizz, or even with it just getting in your face all the time. Now, unfortunately for trips like backpacking, washing your hair regularly is not an option. But not to worry, there are many tips and tricks with hair that will solve this worry immediately. Many hairstyles will get the hair out of your face while also looking cute! Depending on your hair length and type, different ones will suit you but here are a few options…

  • Messy Bun
  • Bandana 
  • Space buns
  • Braids
  • Sleek-back bun
  • Fishtail braids
  • Half-up Half-down 

All these styles are great for looking good whilst concealing the grease, frizz, and knots. Braids are a personal favourite as not only do they get baby hairs out of your eyes but they are the perfect backpacking-aesthetic style. Half-up Half-down is another great one as you cannot tell it’s greasy, but it looks like you’ve made more of an effort than you have. Styling is certainly essential for hair care during backpacking, but another gem is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo minimises the look of grease in your hair whilst also making it smell good and giving it volume; perfect if you want to feel fresh again after a long day of sweat. So for hair, just a handful of bobbles, a brush, and possibly dry shampoo will do the trick for your trip. 

Shoes Made For Walking

Perhaps one of the most important things for a high maintenance girl to consider is her shoe choice. Shoes can be one of the heaviest items that are brought with you during your travels. Heavy equals more back ache, and more unnecessary baggage to carry between each country. As much as bringing your swankiest pair of trainers and cutest pair of heels might seem necessary, they will not be practical when trekking through the wilderness. Instead, keep things simple.

Invest in a nice pair of sandals that will match all of your fits during the hostel gatherings, a pair of hiking trainers to get you through the longest of treks, and of course some flip flops for the shared showers. Footwear such as flip flops may even be more cost effective bought in the country you are visiting. One less thing to worry about when you arrive, and more room for your clothes!

Last But Not Least, Phone Battery

When on your travels, I’m sure there’s no doubt you want every moment captured along with some cute pictures for Instagram. You probably also want to keep in contact with everyone who didn’t come on the trip with you. Therefore it is crucial to make sure you are prepared to keep your phone surviving just as much as you are. On trips like backpacking, portable chargers are a vital must-have. Depending on the length of your trip, the number of portable chargers will vary. I recommend bringing fewer of the larger ones, rather than more of the small ones, so if you can purchase just a few good-quality ones before your trip you will be more than okay with your battery! 

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